Vendor Creep Report!


The Vendor Creep!

We all know that vendors may try to slowly increase the price on some of the items you buy.  If vendors begin this trend of price increases, it can end up being a significant added cost to your business.  Even though you are alerted when a vendor changes a price, we realize that it is hard to keep track of the impact it has on your bottom line.  Not anymore!

With Yellow Dog Inventory's Vendor Price History Report, you can see the price changes a vendor makes over a period of time.  The Vendor Price History Report can be run with a subtotal per day, week, or month while calculating the price change as well as the percent of change.  You can quickly sort the report by these price changes to find out which items and vendors are increasing their prices the most.   

We would highly recommend that you have the Vendor Price History Report sent to you automatically via email every month to alert you to any unapproved price increases!

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