Version 369

  • Production Release Date - July

369 Highlights

What’s New Documentation - Screen Shots and Explanations

List of Enhancements

  • Purchasing: Set Item Alias in Receipts Watch the Training Video

  • Purchasing: Requests, Purchase Orders and Transfers now have a Fill to Par option Watch the Training Video

  • Purchasing: Purchase Order Print Template now included Customer Data Field

  • Scheduled Label Queue: Additional data fields - Dimensions 1-10, Item Reference & Vendor Descriptions

  • Replenishment WS: New Ability - Exclude Items with No PARs Set Filter Watch the Training Video

  • Replenishment WS: New Ability - Fill to Par Watch the Training Video

  • Replenishment WS: Commit Enhancement - now removes items with 0 replenishment quantity Watch the Training Video

  • Item Lists: Vendor Description Column Added

  • Inventory Items: The item Report Tab now filters out Stores that do not have any data for the selected report

  • Third Party Sessions: Now have copy ability for unmatched SKUs

  • Permissions: Ability to change Margin & Markup now have separate View/Edit permissions

  • Permissions: Scheduled Label Queue now has separate View/Edit permission

  • Store List: Closeout Method now includes options 1-6 Days

  • Accounting: Alternate COGS and Revenue GL Columns Added

Training Videos

For detailed training videos and User Manuals on all these enhancements , please login into the Yellow Dog Customer Portal.