Third Party Logistic Integrations

We have developed integrations with leading 3PL companies. These 3PLs handle the fulfillment of eCommerce orders and may also serve as the offsite warehouse for certain retail operations. Some of the integration points we have provided include:

  • Presentation of New/Changed Items for Insertion/Update to the 3PL

  • Presentation of Purchase Orders to the 3PL

  • Receive the Purchase Order receiving details from the 3PL

  • Transfer Issuance from the 3PL to the Retail Store(s)

  • On-Hand Adjustments for Physicals and Manual Adjustments from the 3PL

  • Orders from the eCommerce System

Note: Capabilities vary from one 3PL to the next.

Some of our integrations are listed below.



To learn more about Archway and our integration, please click here.

Ship Hero

To learn more about Ship Hero, click here.

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