In the world of inventory management, you may buy a product, but the services and approach that comes with it are equally if not more important.  At Yellow Dog Software, we provide something we call the 3 S approach.  The S's stand for:

Selection, Safety, and Security


The first S stands for Selection.  The worst thing you can do is select the wrong product.  

Our sales approach is be a "Sales Guide" in your selection process.  We realize that we may not be the right solution in any given situation and that's totally OK.  Our non-commission bases sales team will take their time to first, understand your needs and requirements, and then second, demonstrate how we can solve those needs.  We don't want sales, we want satisfied customers.  The sales will come from that.


The second S stands for Safety.  The second worst thing you can do is pick a product that does not keep your purchase safe.

We realize that picking a vendor that can't get you to reach your goal is a risky proposition for any business.  We eliminate that risk by clearly identifying your project milestones and goals, memorializing them into a web based project management tool that all stakeholders have access to, and then driving your team and our team to meet them.  Transparency and constant communication are key.  Seems easy, but proves to be hard for most companies to deliver.


The third S stands for Security.  The third worst thing you can do is go with a vendor that won't secure your investment with their system.

We have been in business since 2006.  We plan on being in business for a lot longer.  Constant reinvestment into our product, multiple version upgrades each year, free training for life, a robust knowledge base, a high touch support group, and a no nickel/dime invoice track record are some of the proofs of our commitment to ensuring you remain our customer for life.  It's a simple concept...take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.