Mobile App Fee Structure - Updated 1/25/18

Yellow Dog Software offers a number of mobile apps which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play for free.

Current Apps Include:

  • Counting App for F&B *

  • Counting App for Retail *

  • YD Mobile *

* Monthly charges will be incurred for submission of data


Yellow Dog Software will connect your Yellow Dog Inventory to our API to enable these apps after receiving a signed API access agreement.  To review and accept this agreement, please click here.

Please Note. If you have chosen to host your Yellow Dog database within your organization, Yellow Dog will need to get in touch with your IT team to setup access to our API. Please email with appropriate contact information.

Trial Period

Yellow Dog Software will give each client between a 30 to 59 day period to use the apps and submit data before any charges are incurred.  For example, if API access is provided on the 1/5, client will not be charged for submissions occurring before 3/14.  This period will commence once Yellow Dog Software provides client with API access and end on the 14th of the month after they have had at least 30 days of evaluation.  

Charges & Fees

Charges will be incurred for any submission of data to Yellow Dog Inventory via one of our mobile application. Examples of this include submission of physical inventory counts via the F&B or Retail counting apps or issuance or acceptance of transfers.

Use in a read only fashion will incur no charges.  Example of this is viewing Recipes, viewing item properties, item quick scan, or any other action that posts no data back to Yellow Dog Inventory.

A $5.00 flat fee per unique device that has submitted data to Yellow Dog Inventory during the monthly period will be charged.  The maximum charge per device in a given month is $5.00.

Each client will be billed for their submission charges each month.  The billing period will be from the 15th to the 14th and will be sent as its own invoice.  Any unpaid balances after 30 days will have their API access suspended until the outstanding balance is paid.

Yellow Dog Software reserves the right to alter these fees at any time without notice.