Want to join the Yellow Dog team?  We are always looking for great folks to join us.

Our Traits

Regardless of the position, we look for the following traits in anyone who joins our team:

  • Soldier - Will go climb the hill

  • Committed - Will deliver what is the best (reasonable) to the client

  • Knows how to work - We can't teach this, has to already be part of you

  • Will sweep floors - Meaning, you will do any job, not just your defined job

  • Team Player - You need to work in a team and for the overall team - no hot shots

  • Teacher - We all teach, we teach our clients, we teach ourselves

  • Humble - Need to have already figured out you ain't the best thing since sliced bread

Current Openings:

Yellow Dog Software


Sales Guide, Focusing on F&B Opportunities

Note that this position is called a Sales Guide.  We have adopted the philosophy that our team needs to present our offering to a prospect and guide them through the selection process.  We only want to sell our solution if it is the right fit their needs.  Low pressure sales approach that ensures satisfied clients.

About Yellow Dog Software.  We are a 12-year old software company that provides inventory management systems to hospitality properties across North America.   Approximately 90% of our leads are referrals from our point of sale partners with a 20% close rate.  There is some outward-bound prospecting, but it is very niche specific.  Our clients are far ranging and include Resorts, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Stadiums, Golf Clubs, Hospitals, Amusement Parks, Zoos, and other hospitality venues.  Clients also range from Mom and Pop establishments to Fortune 100 Companies and Major Sport Teams (Notable Clients – Trump, Sea Island, Angels, OKC Thunder, Omni).  Our clients are typically an individual site (single stadium or zoo), but we also have some groups/small chains (5 to 15 locations).  We currently have 26 employees – 24 of which work out of our Norfolk office.

Almost all sales are done via a GoToMeeting demonstration/conference call and on-site presentations are rare.  The team consists of 2 Sales Guides and 1 Director of Sales.  President also helps to guide/oversee this group.

Ideal candidate must work with our referral partners in highly professional manner, engage with prospects, provide un-assisted web-based software demonstration (need to become a subject matter expert on the software/industry), prepare proposals, and perform sales follow-up.

Candidate must be able to speak well as 99% of all presentations are done via PowerPoint and web demo.  Very little person to person selling.  Mostly presenting to a group on a speaker phone.

Candidate must be able to write well.  Written email communication is vital.

Candidate must be able to present well and be a “consultative salesperson” – meaning, you need to figure out what a prospect needs and then tailor your sales presentation to demonstrate their needs.

DISC Personality

We use the DISC personality test to determine where each candidate stands.  We are looking for a candidate with the following general results: 

High D (most important), Mid to High I, Mid S, Mid C

Please take the free test located at the link below.  We will be looking for you to provide the results at some point in our evaluation process.



The traits that we feel are needed in this position include the following:


  • Loves Show and Tell – thrives on showing new people something really-cool

  • Problem Solver – Figures out how to solve an issue, not pass it along

  • Curious – curious about everything

  • Independent – in time, will become independent, be a mature professional

  • Presents New Ideas – always pushing new ideas, thoughts, we should do x….

  • Rapport and Trust – Build rapport and trust with prospects quickly

  • Desire to Help – Wants to help a prospects/client in any way

  • Relational Skills – Ability to quickly build a relationship with people

  • Talkative – Someone who prefers to talk than email/text

  • Industry Knowledge – Has worked in the retail industry, been there, done that

  • Confident – confident in who you are, but not unfounded bravado

  • Computer Ninja – not afraid and/or really-good with computers and other technology

  • Street Smart – Someone who knows how to react quickly and appropriately in any situation

  • Strategic Thinker – Sees a plan were others would see chaos

  • Committed – committed to their clients, the company

  • Do What it Takes – opposite of not my job, that’s for support, etc.

  • Loves inventory – you got to like the idea of telling people about inventory, what it does, how it can help



 Ideal candidate would have the following experiences:

  • Has worked in the hospitality industry

  • Has managed retail inventory, done physicals, ordering, receiving, etc.

  • Understands basic accounting fundamentals (difference between P&L and Balance Sheet)

  • Has phone/web sales experience – Business to Business

  • College Degree


Ideal candidate would have both sales and natural technical ability. We sell software that can be configured to meet a client's need - and need someone that can be a consultative sales professional. If you can't troubleshoot your PC, don't get accounting, and you are not really good with software (word, excel, power point)...this is not the job for you.


We are looking for a person to join our team and be a partner to both our customers and our employees. "Not my job" does not exist here and won't be tolerated. Need "can do" and "will do" and "just did" team members. We hope this person stays with us for a really-long time. Not a "churn and burn" position. Really want a committed "team" member...not a hot shot/hired gun.

Daily Work Distribution

  • 3 Hours - 2 Demos per day of 1 hour each.

  • 2 Hours – Sales Funnel Management, Proposal follow-up, Lead Follow-up

  • 2 Hours – Partner Relationship Calls

  • 1 Hour – Non-Sale activity (Demo practice, setup, client related implementation meetings, trade show management, testing, marketing material management, and other activity that may be needed)

Work Environment

Our clients are located mainly throughout the US, although we have several foreign country installations. Almost all of work activity will be from our office in Norfolk. Your work scheduled will be M-F, 8:30 to 5 with occasional on-site demos when warranted. There will be overnight travel for the various trade shows and user conferences we attend. Work attire is business attire when at an on-site demo or meeting, but 99% of the time you can wear t-shirt, shorts, flip flops, etc. in the office.

Compensation and Benefits

The current position is a salary position with a year-end bonus.  However, the compensation plan will change to base and bonus at some point in 2019.  The starting compensation range for this position is 40-50K.  Total compensation range is higher and will be determined upon the success of the individual.

  • Health Care – Health Insurance – we cover up to $300 per employee or $600 per family plan.  Dental for Employee. 

  • Life Insurance (100K) after 1 year of employment.

  • Short and Long-Term Disability after 1 year of employment.

  • A company matching retirement plan is offered.

  • 3 weeks of vacation per year.

  • No security clearance required. 

 NOTE: We need you send us two things:

  1.  Professional cover letter, summarizing why you think you are a good fit for this position. 

  2.  Resume

Submissions missing any of these two items will be discarded.

Send Submissions to hr@yellowdogsoftware.com.

 Thank you for your time and we look forward to finding the right candidate for this position.