The Yellow Dog Inventory offering in the Clover App Market consists of 4 Store Plans.  The features and services included in each of the plan are detailed below.  You can also view this in a full size grid here.

*  500 Unique Items (500 Unique Items/SKUs)
*  Clover 2-Way POS Integration (2-Way Sync, Push in new/change items, Pull Orders)
*  Item Management (Create/Manage individual items, parent/child items, weighted items, and no count items)
*  Bar Code Printing (Create custom bar code templates for labels and tags, print to laser printer or bar code printer)
*  Manual Adjustments (Adjust on-hand quantities with reason tracking/reporting)
*  Location Management (Add locations for F&B Physical needs - dry storage, walk-in, bar, etc)
*  Vendor Management (Create/Manage your vendors and manufacturers)
*  Physical Inventories (Create/Commit Physicals)
*  Count Sheets (Create custom ordered count sheets for items and/or locations)
*  Sessions (Create manual sessions for entry of counts from paper sheets instead of via mobile devices)
COGS and Recipes/Kits
*  POS Item Mapping & COGS (Map POS items to COGS accounts to provide for COGS reporting between two physicals)
*  Purchase Orders (Create purchase orders)
*  Invoices (Receive in product with invoice expense details)
*  Reporting (Includes all 240+ Reports)
Professional Services Options
*  Up to 2 Project Management Hours (Kick Off calls, Checkpoint Calls, etc.)
*  Up to 2 Data Conversion Hours (To assist with import of excel item and vendor data)
*  Up to 4 Training/Configuration Hours (Used for configuration and training as needed by each merchant)

*  1,000 Unique Items (1,000 Unique Items/SKUs)
*  All Features Included in CORE STORE PLAN plus the following:
*  Matrix Management (Create matrix items - size/color)
*  Transfers (Issue and Receive inter-store transfers)
*  Saved Reports (Save reports to allow for quick/repeatable generation for future needs)
Professional Services Options
*  Up to 3 Project Management Hours
*  Up to 3 Data Conversion Hours
*  Up to 6 Training/Configuration Hours

*  2,500 Unique Items (500 Unique Items/SKUs)
*  All Features Included in CORE & CENTER STORE PLANS plus the following:
*  Bar Code Queue (Queue up multiple receipts for bar code printing)
*  Item Lists (Create custom item lists/order/quantities for use with purchasing flows or for custom list printing)
*  Scheduled Retail Changes (Schedule retail changes for a future date)
*  Manual Sales Entry (Enter sales that occur outside the POS)
COGS and Recipes/Kits
*  Recipes/Kits & Recipe Types (Create recipes for F&B needs or kits for retail bundles)
*  Requests (Create and issue requests for items from a warehouse or another store)
*  Purchase Order Approvals (Route PO for approval based on custom business workflows)
*  Receipts (Receive in items without using the invoice function)
*  Transfers (Issue and Receive product between two stores)
*  Return to Vendors (Return items back to vendors)
Advanced Worksheets
*  Replenishment Worksheet (Create templates to adjust reorder point/PAR Level for items and create transfers)
*  Send Saved Reports (Utility to send saved reports via email to selected users)
*  Event Tagging (Create custom tags for specified dates for easy grouping of sales)
*  Data Import (Utility to import new items and vendors)
Professional Services Options
*  Up to 4 Project Management Hours
*  Up to 4 Data Conversion Hours
*  Up to 8 Training/Configuration Hours

*  Unlimited Unique Items
*  All Features Included in CORE/CENTER/COMPLETE STORE PLANS plus the following:
Professional Services Options
*  Up to 4 Project Management Hours
*  Up to 5 Data Conversion Hours
*  Up to 10 Training/Configuration Hours
*  Free Training Per Life (Remote training up to 2 hours, Limit 2 sessions per month)

CLOVER POS SYNC is for businesses that are already using Yellow Dog Inventory.  It facilitates the 2-way integration between Yellow Dog Inventory and Clover.  You must already be a Yellow Dog Inventory client for Clover POS Sync to be of any use to you. If you are not already a Yellow Dog Inventory client, please select one of our store plans which includes this integration.  

If you need a warehouse, storage location, vendor EDI invoice downloads, accounting integration, eCommerce integration, or our mobile apps, contact sales at 757.818.9360, ext 1.

More detail on Retail specific features can be accessed here.
More detail on F&B specific features can be accessed here.