Feature Listing

Through Version 364 

Item Creation and Management

  • Unlimited Levels (Department/Sub Department/Category/Sub Category)

  • Item Creation during any PO, receipt, invoice or other system function

  • Automatic SKU Numbering

  • Each item can be attached to multiple stores, warehouses, and storerooms

  • Item List-14 views (classic, purchasing related, activity, SLU & UPC, etc.)

  • Search for items by store, vendor, SKU, level, full or partial description

  • Matrix items-10 dimensions attributes – Drop Down List per item

  • Kit Items and Weighted Items

  • Matrix Editor

  • Recipes for F&B (deduct ingredient items based on POS item)

  • Evergreen Flag-Items that don’t age and can be filtered in numerous reports.

  • Cost value has 8 decimals (10.12345678), On-Hand has 6 (1.123456)

  • Four Item Descriptions – Long, Short, POS 1, and POS 2.

  • Price calculations by Markup or Profit Margin, and Scheduled Price Changes

  • Shipping-can be added into the Cost of each Item

  • On-hand, On-order, reorder point, and reorder quantity set per item by location

  • Pictures for each Item

  • Aliases (supports unlimited UPC and other alternate lookup codes per item)

  • Average Weighted cost, LIFO, and FIFO

  • Parent/Child Item Management (ex. case/12 pack/can)

  • No Counts Items for services, push into POS

  • Interactive view allows editing of multiple items on same screen

  • Inactivate items without deleting history

  • Import ability for new items or mass changes

  • Auto-Transfers - Item sold in other stores have on-hand deducted from main store

  • Auto-Zero – Item on-hands automatically adjusted to zero for non-inventory items

Vendors and Manufacturers

  • Unlimited vendors and manufacturers

  • Assign separate vendor and manufacturer per item

  • Vendor code can be part of SKU number

  • Fields for account number, vendor tax id, website, terms, and notes

  • View and edit all items from a vendor

  • Multiple vendors Per item

Physical Inventories

  • Mobile App for Count Sheets

  • Supports numerous handheld devices

  • Physical count sheets can be grouped and sorted by location

  • Apply physical inventory count changes as of a date/time

  • List of items can be filtered to just show variances only between counts and on-hand

  • Historical reporting of any physical

  • Variance shown on screen and report

  • Add all items, items by vendor, by levels, or individual items for counts

  • Show item history on demand to determine variance

  • Batch items allow for counting of ingredients

Purchasing, Receiving, and Requests

  • Purchase Order – Requests can be converted to a PO or you can create new orders from scratch. Orders can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists

  • PO Approvals- allows non-users of Yellow Dog Inventory to be involved in the PO Approval process through email notification and can include multi-tier approval requirements.

  • Requests – Store can submit requests for review and approval. Requests can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists

  • PO Worksheets- generate multiple Purchase Orders for multiple stores simultaneously.

  • Receipts – Receive inventory with or without a PO

  • Invoices – Enter item costs and additional expenses (freight, embroidery, etc.)

  • Invoices – Security controlled uncommit up to 7 days

  • EDI Invoices – Electronically receive vendor invoices with items and current costs

  • Custom templates for all forms (requests, orders, receipts, invoices)

  • Automatic order numbering

  • Add new items on the fly

  • Print Labels when receiving items

  • Pre-allocate quantities on PO to auto-transfer to multiple stores on receipt

  • “Purchasing View” let’s you view product by par and re-order values and create the PO directly from that view

  • Purchase orders can be printed in the vendor’s defined currency with conversion

Transfers and Returns to Vendors

  • Transfer items from one store to another

  • Transfers can be automatic or require receipt and acceptance

  • Custom transfer templates

  • Automatic transfer numbering

  • Add new items on the fly during the transfer process

  • Return items to vendors

  • Custom template for returns

  • Automatic transfer numbering based on Store, Vendor, Incremental, and manual input

  • Record accounting reason for return

  • Reverse transfers to return items to originating location


  • Over 280 Standard reports

  • On-Hand Reports for any date/time

  • One-Click from report display to imbed report into new outlook email

  • Report can be saved for one click generation

  • Reports can be scheduled to be sent via email automatically

  • One-Click from within report to export data to new excel sheet or csv file

  • Report groups for sales, inventory, orders, etc.

  • Display or hide various columns per report

  • Easily sort and subtotal data

  • Graphs

  • Apply column filters to search for specific data

Labels and Forms

  • Customize any label size

  • Add any of the 43 data elements to the label or add your own text or pictures

  • Ability to print on demand or “queue” labels for batch printing

  • Supports both standard and roll printers

  • Starting position selection for partial full-page labels

  • Purchase orders, requests, receipts, invoice reconciliation, transfers, physical worksheets, receiving worksheets, return forms, and item lists can be 100% customized

Users, Security, and Help

  • Unlimited employees

  • Display of employee access rights

  • Set security by menu, primary functions, view/edit, option/required

  • Restrict employees to certain store(s)

  • Log report of all system changes by employee

  • Announcements from Yellow Dog Software

Stores, Warehouses, and Locations

  • Unlimited stores can be setup

  • Stores can be connected to the POS or exist as warehouses or storage locations

  • Square feet per store field provides for sales per square foot reporting

Importing Data

  • Built-in import provides for user controlled imports

  • Import any item information

  • Import vendor and Level Information


  • System uses local workstation settings to display date, time, and currency

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