Inventory Item Details

Yellow Dog Inventory can create and manage all of your item’s details in one place.  Our easy to use interface allows you to quickly navigate from creating an item, adding or adjusting a recipe, to printing your management reporting.  The security in the system will allow you to give just the right access to certain functions as well as screen elements to ensure complete control over your inventory operations.



Ordering and Inventory Sizes

 For each item, you can quickly set your inventory size and then create one or more purchasing sizes.  Note how you can set the conversion and usage from each purchasing size.


POS Menu Items

 Depending on your POS system, you may have two options to link your menu items to recipes and inventory items.  The first is a simple POS mapping.  We list all menu items and modifiers allowing you to link them to the appropriate recipe or item.


Multiple Vendors

Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item allowing you to easily order/receive from your preferred source.


Item Dimensions

In Yellow Dog, you can track your items by up to 10 dimensions.  These dimensions are great for operations that want to manage their larger wine, beer, or liquor inventories.


Recipe Unit Conversions

 You can also set each item’s weight or volume.  This allows, the system to automatically convert to any other unit of measure in a recipe.  For example, if you set an item to be 1.5 pounds in net weight (per bag), then you can select 3 ounces in the recipe.  Yellow Dog Inventory will automatically deduct the right amount from the bag.


Bar Code Label Printing

 For clients with scanning needs, Yellow Dog Inventory includes a bar code printing system.  The system provides for the design of an unlimited number of bar code templates.  You determine what item information to include, graphics to print, and how all the text will be formatted.  Whether it is a label for your grab and go items or bin labels to expedite your physical process, Yellow Dog Inventory has you covered.


PAR Levels

 Looking for a suggested reorder report?  Simply use the item and store combination reorder point and par level fields.  The system can be configured to create the reorder report and automatically email it weekly.



We can also tag an item’s location within each outlet to help with various grouping for lists and reports.



Yellow Dog Inventory has a dynamic and easy to use recipe function.  Simply add the ingredient items (or other recipes) and set the quantity and unit of measure.


Need a recipe card for the line?  Each recipe has a tab for instructions as well as up to three pictures which will populate one of the many system templates provided.


Recipe and Ingredient Behaviors

Each recipe may have unique needs when it comes to ingredient reduction methods, waste entry, or counting items during physicals.  Yellow Dog Inventory has some predefined behaviors for things like traditional or batch recipes.  However, as shown below, you can always select your own options.


Recipe App

Yellow Dog offers a Recipe App where you can see all your recipes complete with pictures, ingredients, and prep instructions. You can also mark off ingredients as used during preparation. The Chef App is available on iOS and Android devices.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

If you are new to inventory, and only looking to track your food cost without managing recipes, Yellow Dog Inventory gives you the ability to assign items to a COGS account. As the item is sold, the generated revenue is automatically assigned to the corresponding COGS Account. As physical inventories are completed, the on-hand items are compared to usage providing a true cost of goods sold between selected inventory periods.


Actual vs Theoretical Reporting

For clients who can invest time for more detailed reporting and manage recipes, Yellow Dog provides for Actual vs Theoretical reporting. Recipes are built in the system, mapped to the point of sale and quantities are perpetually deducted based on menu sales of those items, or recipes in which they are included. Once physical inventories are completed, reports can show actual on-hand values versus what the system says should be on-hand (Actual vs Theoretical).  This allows you to drill down and track variances and other information to help improve your operation and ultimately the bottom line.


Physical Inventories

Yellow Dog Inventory provides a complete workflow process for your physical inventory procedure.


Whether you are using a handheld or a paper count sheet to record your counts, the process in Yellow Dog Inventory is the same.

Step 1: Count Sheets (Determine what to count)

Step 2: Sessions (Enter those counts - Electronically or Manually)

Step 3: Physical (Pull in all sessions to see total counts and variances)


Count Sheets – For Manual Counts

Our system offers the ability to setup unlimited count sheets to present certain items in an order and grouping that meets your inventory needs.


The count sheets are 100% customizable in terms of what items or levels to include, the formatting of the actual count sheet template and what to name each count sheet.   The templates can include a variety of item information such as the SKU, Item description, any of the 10 dimensions, the levels, and much more.

Mobile App – Electronic Counts

We offer an iOS and Android application to conduct physical inventories with a mobile device. You can import custom physical count sheets to the App, that can support Sheet to Shelf capability.

  • Access all items in your database
  • Add items in order from each location, or download predefined count sheets
  • Add sessions directly to your physical
  • Access item details like description, level, dimensions, and vendors
  • Review and correct your counts prior to committing


The next step is to see your counts in the session list.  If you are using the mobile app, these sessions will be created automatically. 

You can see the counts captured in the mobile apps or the counts entered from the paper count sheets.  When ready, you can select one or more sessions to create your physical.


Physical Counts

After creating a physical, you will see your items and the counts that have been performed from your mobile and manual sessions.  Previous on-hand and variances are clearly shown.  Detailed historical reporting for physicals is included.


Full or partial batch items can be counted in physicals.  When counted, the system returns the remaining batch back to its raw ingredients to avoid a variance.  In the example below, any counted batches are translated into the specific ingredient counts.


You can set the effective date and time for each physical to allow you to post variances correctly.  No need to rush to beat the clock or stop processing data until you have your counts done.



Waste Tracking

Tracking waste is fast and easy with Yellow Dog Inventory.  Simply add the items you want to reduce to the adjustment list (ordering or inventory units).  Then select a reason code for the adjustment and enter a reference.  The reason codes are customizable and unlimited, allowing waste tracking to be as detailed as desired.




Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete purchasing offering which includes requests, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, transfers, and returns to vendors. 


The flow of these purchasing documents can be related – meaning a request for product can be created which can then be turned into a PO or perhaps a transfer.


The example below shows a manually entered invoice complete with miscellaneous expenses.



Vendor EDI Integration

Yellow Dog Software offers approximately 30 EDI interfaces with various vendors to electronically import invoices and price lists.  Typically, these items are processed several times a day.  Depending on your configuration, these invoices can come across as a receipt or a pending invoice awaiting your confirmation.  You can also have invoices be automatically accepted.

The interface can take any new items and assign them to a temporary coding structure so that your invoice process is never interrupted.

The example below shows how an invoice from Sysco has been automatically imported as an invoice.


Commissary and Transfers to Multiple Outlets

Yellow Dog Inventory can be configured to manage all your enterprise’s physical inventory outlets.  In the example below, we show how a location may have 7 outlets with the option to activate an item in any of those outlets.  Note: these could be 7 physical “stores” across a multi-unit group.


Transfers between locations can be issued and accepted by a user, or the originating store can issue the transfer and the receiving location is required to accept it.  You can also create a “Reverse Transfer” to return certain items back to the originating location.  A great way to handle bringing unused product back into a location.



Accounting Integrations

To help eliminate the manual posting of an invoice, Yellow Dog Software offers an optional interface that can send them electronically to any accounting system that can accept an import file (such as Quickbooks).  Our software has an accounting “mapping table” where you can setup your general ledger codes.  This will ensure that every item or expense has the proper general ledge code assigned.

Yellow Dog Software can create an output file in the accounting system’s format that allows the invoice to be imported and a bill created.  Additional functions can be configured with most accounting systems to provide detailed inventory exports.  All accounting integrations will require the end user to import the file exported from Yellow Dog Software. Accounting exports will require the client to have an understanding of how the import file is configured to take advantage of the integration.


Yellow Dog Inventory includes over 250 standard reports covering the key operational areas of sales, inventory, item movement, physical inventories, purchasing, and employees.  We are continuously enhancing or adding new reports based solely on user feedback and needs.


You can hide/show the columns for each report, add subtotals, and sort the information any way you want.  This allows you to take any report and change it to your exact requirements. In addition, reports can be exported in Excel, CSV, Outlook and PDF formats.


Finally, reports can be saved and even set to automatically email to you and your team.


Event Tags

This setting allows users to create specific time periods or events that can be used to report on multiple ranges simultaneously. This provides historical data tracking for similar event sales forecasting, purchasing and other planning.



Retail Items

Yellow Dog Inventory also handles retail items!  You can setup each user to utilize different item views so that it looks one way for your F&B inventory users and another way for your retail users. 


POS Integrations

Yellow Dog Inventory has integrations to some of the leading point of sale systems in the industry.  As we are constantly adding additional interfaces, please check here for the most up to date listing of partners.



Sales & Catering Integrations

Yellow Dog Inventory also integrates with several catering systems such as CaterTrax and Caterease.


Scale Integrations

We have integrated Yellow Dog Inventory with several scale systems.  This allows Yellow Dog to be the system that will manage the price (and send it both the scale and to the POS) as well as decrement the correct quantity from inventory (since the POS will typically only send a quantity of 1 and a total price).  Please talk to our sales team to get the details on which scales/POS systems we work with.


eCommerce Integrations

Do you sell products on the web such as T-Shirts or hats?  No problem.  We offer integrations to leading web carts like Shopify and Magento to automatically process your orders and reduce inventory accordingly.  Yellow Dog can even upload on-hand counts ensuring your customers always know what’s in stock.

Complete details can be accessed here.

Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Item Creation and Management

  • Unlimited Levels (Department/Sub Department/Category/Sub Category)
  • Item Creation during any PO, receipt, invoice or other system function
  • Automatic SKU Numbering
  • Each item can be attached to multiple stores, warehouses, and storerooms
  • Item List-14 views (classic, purchasing related, activity, SLU & UPC, etc.)
  • Search for items by store, vendor, SKU, level, full or partial description
  • Matrix items-10 dimensions attributes – Drop Down List per item
  • Kit Items and Weighted Items
  • Matrix Editor
  • Recipes for F&B (deduct ingredient items based on POS item)
  • Evergreen Flag-Items that don’t age and can be filtered in numerous reports.
  • Cost value has 8 decimals (10.12345678), On-Hand has 6 (1.123456)
  • Short Description (used for POS description) and Extended Description (labels and reports)
  • Price calculations by Markup or Profit Margin, and Scheduled Price Changes
  • Shipping-can be added into the Cost of each Item
  • On-hand, On-order, reorder point, and reorder quantity set per item by location
  • Pictures for each Item
  • Aliases (supports unlimited UPC and other alternate lookup codes per item)
  • Average Weighted cost, LIFO, and FIFO
  • Parent/Child Item Management (ex. case/12 pack/can)
  • Interactive view allows editing of multiple items on same screen
  • Inactivate items without deleting history
  • Import ability for new items or mass changes

Vendors and Manufacturers

  • Unlimited vendors and manufacturers
  • Assign separate vendor and manufacturer per item
  • Vendor code can be part of SKU number
  • Fields for account number, vendor tax id, website, terms, and notes
  • View and edit all items from a vendor
  • Multiple vendors Per item

Physical Inventories

  • Supports numerous handheld devices
  • Physical count sheets can be grouped and sorted by location
  • Mobile App for Count Sheets
  • Apply physical inventory count changes as of a date/time
  • List of items can be filtered to just show variances only between counts and on-hand
  • Historical reporting of any physical
  • Variance shown on screen and report
  • Add all items, items by vendor, by levels, or individual items for counts
  • Show item history on demand to determine variance
  • Batch items allow for counting of ingredients

Purchasing, Receiving, and Requests

  • Purchase Order – Requests can be converted to a PO or you can create new orders from scratch.  Orders can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists
  • PO Approvals- allows non-users of Yellow Dog Inventory to be involved in the PO Approval process through email notification and can include multi-tier approval requirements.
  • Requests – Store can submit requests for review and approval.  Requests can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists
  • PO Worksheets- generate multiple Purchase Orders for multiple stores simultaneously.
  • Receipts – Receive inventory with or without a PO
  • Invoices – Enter item costs and additional expenses (freight, embroidery, etc.)
  • EDI Invoices – Electronically receive vendor invoices with items and current costs
  • Custom templates for all forms (requests, orders, receipts, invoices)
  • Automatic order numbering
  • Add new items on the fly
  • Print Labels when receiving items
  • Pre-allocate quantities on PO to auto-transfer to multiple stores on receipt
  • “Purchasing View” let’s you view product by par and re-order values and create the PO directly from that view
  • Purchase orders can be printed in the vendor’s defined currency with conversion

Transfers and Returns to Vendors

  • Transfer items from one store to another
  • Transfers can be automatic or require receipt and acceptance
  • Custom transfer templates
  • Automatic transfer numbering
  • Add new items on the fly during the transfer process
  • Return items to vendors
  • Custom template for returns
  • Automatic transfer numbering based on Store, Vendor, Incremental, and manual input
  • Record accounting reason for return
  • Reverse transfers to return items to originating location


  • Over 250 Standard reports
  • On-Hand Reports for any date/time
  • One-Click from report display to imbed report into new outlook email
  • Report can be saved for one click generation
  • Reports can be scheduled to be sent via email automatically
  • One-Click from within report to export data to new excel sheet or csv file
  • Report groups for sales, inventory, orders, etc.
  • Display or hide various columns per report
  • Easily sort and subtotal data
  • Graphs
  • Apply column filters to search for specific data

Labels and Forms

  • Customize any label size
  • Add any of the 43 data elements to the label or add your own text or pictures
  • Ability to print on demand or “queue” labels for batch printing
  • Supports both standard and roll printers
  • Starting position selection for partial full-page labels
  • Purchase orders, requests, receipts, invoice reconciliation, transfers, physical worksheets, receiving worksheets, return forms, and item lists can be 100% customized

Users, Security, and Help

  • Unlimited employees
  • Display of employee access rights
  • Set security by menu, primary functions, view/edit, option/required
  • Restrict employees to certain store(s)
  • Log report of all system changes by employee

Stores, Warehouses, and Locations

  • Unlimited stores can be setup
  • Stores can be connected to the POS or exist as warehouses or storage locations
  • Square feet per store field provides for sales per square foot reporting

Importing Data

  • Built-in import provides for user controlled imports
  • Import any item information
  • Import vendor and Level Information


  • System uses local workstation settings to display date, time, and currency