Inventory Item Details

Yellow Dog Inventory can create and manage all of your item’s details in one place.  Our easy to use interface allows you to quickly navigate from creating an item, adding or adjusting a recipe, to printing your management reporting.  The security in the system will allow you to give just the right access to certain functions as well as screen elements to ensure complete control over your inventory operations.



Ordering and Inventory Sizes

 For each item, you can quickly set your inventory size and then create one or more purchasing sizes.  Note how you can set the conversion and usage from each purchasing size.


POS Menu Items

 Depending on your POS system, you may have two options to link your menu items to recipes and inventory items.  The first is a simple POS mapping.  We list all menu items and modifiers allowing you to link them to the appropriate recipe or item.


Multiple Vendors

Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item allowing you to easily order/receive from your preferred source.


Item Dimensions

In Yellow Dog, you can track your items by up to 10 dimensions.  These dimensions are great for operations that want to manage their larger wine, beer, or liquor inventories.


Recipe Unit Conversions

 You can also set each item’s weight or volume.  This allows, the system to automatically convert to any other unit of measure in a recipe.  For example, if you set an item to be 1.5 pounds in net weight (per bag), then you can select 3 ounces in the recipe.  Yellow Dog Inventory will automatically deduct the right amount from the bag.


PAR Levels

 Looking for a suggested reorder report?  Simply use the item and store combination reorder point and par level fields.  The system can be configured to create the reorder report and automatically email it weekly.



We can also tag an item’s location within each outlet to help with various grouping for lists and reports.


Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Item Creation and Management

  • Unlimited Levels (Department/Sub Department/Category/Sub Category)
  • Item Creation during any PO, receipt, invoice or other system function
  • Automatic SKU Numbering
  • Each item can be attached to multiple stores, warehouses, and storerooms
  • Item List-14 views (classic, purchasing related, activity, SLU & UPC, etc.)
  • Search for items by store, vendor, SKU, level, full or partial description
  • Matrix items-10 dimensions attributes – Drop Down List per item
  • Kit Items and Weighted Items
  • Matrix Editor
  • Recipes for F&B (deduct ingredient items based on POS item)
  • Evergreen Flag-Items that don’t age and can be filtered in numerous reports.
  • Cost value has 8 decimals (10.12345678), On-Hand has 6 (1.123456)
  • Short Description (used for POS description) and Extended Description (labels and reports)
  • Price calculations by Markup or Profit Margin, and Scheduled Price Changes
  • Shipping-can be added into the Cost of each Item
  • On-hand, On-order, reorder point, and reorder quantity set per item by location
  • Pictures for each Item
  • Aliases (supports unlimited UPC and other alternate lookup codes per item)
  • Average Weighted cost, LIFO, and FIFO
  • Parent/Child Item Management (ex. case/12 pack/can)
  • Interactive view allows editing of multiple items on same screen
  • Inactivate items without deleting history
  • Import ability for new items or mass changes