Physical Inventories

Yellow Dog Inventory provides a complete workflow process for your physical inventory procedure.


Whether you are using a handheld or a paper count sheet to record your counts, the process in Yellow Dog Inventory is the same.

Step 1: Count Sheets (Determine what to count)

Step 2: Sessions (Enter those counts - Electronically or Manually)

Step 3: Physical (Pull in all sessions to see total counts and variances)


Count Sheets – For Manual Counts

Our system offers the ability to setup unlimited count sheets to present certain items in an order and grouping that meets your inventory needs.


The count sheets are 100% customizable in terms of what items or levels to include, the formatting of the actual count sheet template and what to name each count sheet.   The templates can include a variety of item information such as the SKU, Item description, any of the 10 dimensions, the levels, and much more.

Mobile App – Electronic Counts

We offer an iOS and Android application to conduct physical inventories with a mobile device. You can import custom physical count sheets to the App, that can support Sheet to Shelf capability.

  • Access all items in your database

  • Add items in order from each location, or download predefined count sheets

  • Add sessions directly to your physical

  • Access item details like description, level, dimensions, and vendors

  • Review and correct your counts prior to committing


The next step is to see your counts in the session list.  If you are using the mobile app, these sessions will be created automatically. 

You can see the counts captured in the mobile apps or the counts entered from the paper count sheets.  When ready, you can select one or more sessions to create your physical.


One you commit a physical, you can have any of the sessions used be marked as processed and not appear in the future.

Physical Counts

After creating a physical, you will see your items and the counts that have been performed from your mobile and manual sessions.  Previous on-hand and variances are clearly shown.  Detailed historical reporting for physicals is included.


Full or partial batch items can be counted in physicals.  When counted, the system returns the remaining batch back to its raw ingredients to avoid a variance.  In the example below, any counted batches are translated into the specific ingredient counts.

You can set the effective date and time for each physical to allow you to post variances correctly.  No need to rush to beat the clock or stop processing data until you have your counts done.