Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete purchasing offering which includes requests, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, transfers, and returns to vendors. 

Purchasing Workflows.PNG

The flow of these purchasing documents can be related – meaning a request for product can be created which can then be turned into a PO or perhaps a transfer.



Below is an example of the Request entry screen. Any outlet can create a request which can then be converted into a Transfer, a Purchase Order, or may be pulled into a multi-store Transfer Worksheet.

Requests can be created on the Mobile App. Learn more here.


Need to see what the warehouse has on-hand? No problem. Simply show the warehouse on-hand and on-order columns.

Purchase Orders

Below is an example of the Purchase Order entry screen. These can pull in items/quantities based on one or more Requests.


Email Your Purchase Orders

You can easily email your PO as a PDF to the designated contact per store and vendor. You can also add any custom terms and conditions to any Purchase Order.

Arrival Log

Need to know when an order arrives? Our system can be setup to have an arrival report scheduled to be emailed as orders as marked as “Arrived”.



You do have the option of receiving in product without an invoice. Quite a number of our customers actually have the Vendor EDI invoices come as a receipt to allow them to convert it over as an invoice when they are ready.


The example below shows a manually entered invoice complete with miscellaneous expenses.



Transfers between locations can be issued and accepted by a user, or the originating store can issue the transfer and the receiving location is required to accept it.  You can also create a “Reverse Transfer” to return certain items back to the originating location.  A great way to handle bringing unused product back into a location.

Transfers can be Issued and Accepted on the Mobile App. Learn more here.


Add From…..

We have designed Yellow Dog Inventory to allow you to perform your duties as efficiently as possible. In addition to adding existing items, you can also create new items on the fly as well as add from certain sources like items below their reorder/par, or items you scanned in the mobile apps, or specific lists and quantities.

Find Anything…and Really Fast!

Can’t remember anything except the name of the item you ordered? Our search can also include the items so you can easily find any purchasing document by entering just a specific item detail.

6 of one - Half dozen of the other

Which is faster? Add items one by one or use a list, enter in the quantities, then delete the zero quantity lines? With Yellow Dog, you have both options. We have a couple of ways you can build specific item lists and use them to bulk add all the items you typically need for a workflow. Enter the quantity needed and then remove zero quantity lines.