Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete purchasing offering which includes requests, purchase orders, receipts, invoices, transfers, and returns to vendors. 


The flow of these purchasing documents can be related – meaning a request for product can be created which can then be turned into a PO or perhaps a transfer.


The example below shows a manually entered invoice complete with miscellaneous expenses.


Commissary and Transfers to Multiple Outlets

Yellow Dog Inventory can be configured to manage all your enterprise’s physical inventory outlets.  In the example below, we show how a location may have 7 outlets with the option to activate an item in any of those outlets.  Note: these could be 7 physical “stores” across a multi-unit group.


Transfers between locations can be issued and accepted by a user, or the originating store can issue the transfer and the receiving location is required to accept it.  You can also create a “Reverse Transfer” to return certain items back to the originating location.  A great way to handle bringing unused product back into a location.