Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

If you are new to inventory, and only looking to track your food cost without managing recipes, Yellow Dog Inventory gives you the ability to assign items to a COGS account. As the item is sold, the generated revenue is automatically assigned to the corresponding COGS Account. As physical inventories are completed, the on-hand items are compared to usage providing a true cost of goods sold between selected inventory periods.



Yellow Dog Inventory has a dynamic and easy to use recipe function.  Simply add the ingredient items (or other recipes) and set the quantity and unit of measure.


Need a recipe card for the line?  Each recipe has a tab for instructions as well as up to three pictures which will populate one of the many system templates provided.


Recipe and Ingredient Behaviors

Each recipe may have unique needs when it comes to ingredient reduction methods, waste entry, or counting items during physicals.  Yellow Dog Inventory has some predefined behaviors for things like traditional or batch recipes.  However, as shown below, you can always select your own options.


Recipe on YD Mobile App

Yellow Dog offers an app called YD Mobile where you can see all your recipes complete with pictures, videos, website links, ingredients, and prep instructions. You can also mark off ingredients as used during preparation. The YD Mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. Learn more here.

POS Menu Items

 Depending on your POS system, you may have two options to link your menu items to recipes and inventory items.  The first is a simple POS mapping.  We list all menu items and modifiers allowing you to link them to the appropriate recipe or item.


Actual vs Theoretical Reporting

For clients who can invest time for more detailed reporting and manage recipes, Yellow Dog provides for Actual vs Theoretical reporting. Recipes are built in the system, mapped to the point of sale and quantities are perpetually deducted based on menu sales of those items, or recipes in which they are included. Once physical inventories are completed, reports can show actual on-hand values versus what the system says should be on-hand (Actual vs Theoretical).  This allows you to drill down and track variances and other information to help improve your operation and ultimately the bottom line.


Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.


  • Supports unlimited sub-recipes

  • Convert any item to another weight of volume (Pound to Ounce, etc).

Cost of Goods Sold

  • Determine COGS without recipes - Just between two physicals with usage vs sales