Yellow Dog Inventory includes over 250 standard reports covering the key operational areas of sales, inventory, item movement, physical inventories, purchasing, and employees.  We are continuously enhancing or adding new reports based solely on user feedback and needs.


With the Relative Date Range ability, your team can easily select the right accounting period for any report. Makes every report date selection the same 100% of the time. Perfect for 4-4-5 budget periods.

Store Lists

You can setup your locations into groups with our Store List feature. This will save you lots of time when analyzing your reports.


You can hide/show the columns for each report, add subtotals, and sort the information any way you want.  This allows you to take any report and change it to your exact requirements. In addition, reports can be exported in Excel, CSV, Outlook and PDF formats.


Finally, reports can be saved and even set to automatically email to you and your team.


Event Tags

This setting allows users to create specific time periods or events that can be used to report on multiple ranges simultaneously. This provides historical data tracking for similar event sales forecasting, purchasing and other planning.