Multiple Vendors

Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item allowing you to easily order/receive from your preferred source. This also allows us to easily “Alias” the same item from multiple vendors to keep your item list clean and manageable.



Vendor EDI Integration

Yellow Dog Software offers approximately 85 EDI interfaces that supports over 4,000 vendors to electronically import invoices and price lists.  Typically, these items are processed several times a day.  Depending on your configuration, these invoices can come across as a receipt or a pending invoice awaiting your confirmation.  You can also have invoices be automatically accepted.

The interface can take any new items and assign them to a temporary coding structure so that your invoice process is never interrupted.


Click here to see the complete list of vendors we support.

Click here to see the complete list of accounting systems we have worked with.


The example below shows how an invoice from Sysco has been automatically imported as an invoice.


The expenses (freight, tax, etc. in the example above) support math in the field. So you can easily do things like entry 54+23+18 to calculate to $95.00. A little thing that will save you from pulling out your $5 calculator every day.

Item Cost Changes

Clearly see any cost changes and the percentage for all items on every invoice.

Contract Pricing and Notification

You can set your price deviation threshold and setup automated reporting to keep your price “creep” in check!

Prepaid Vendors

Need to run out to Costco or Restaurant Depot and pay with a credit card. No problem. You can setup vendors to be automatically marked as prepaid and have their invoice be excluded from being sent to your accounting system.