Commissary Operations

Note: This page is under construction.

Yellow Dog Inventory can manage the commissary operations of a multi-location operation.


Send in daily requests via the client software or the YD Mobile app.

Production Worksheet

Print prep assignment

Print shopping lists

Transfer Worksheet

You can select one or more requests and convert them into a transfer worksheet.

Production Item Behavior

Certain items, when transferred from the commissary, will trigger the ingredient deduction of the attached recipe. For example, when you transfer 100 bottles of green juice, the ingredients that went into that green juice will be deducted from the commissary. However, the other stores will simply receive a finished retail item.

Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Stores, Warehouses, and Locations

  • Unlimited stores can be setup

  • Stores can be connected to the POS or exist as warehouses or storage locations

  • Square feet per store field provides for sales per square foot reporting


  • System uses local workstation settings to display date, time, and currency