Inventory Item Features

Multiple Vendors

Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item allowing you to easily order/receive from your preferred source.


Recipe Unit Conversions

 You can also set each item’s weight or volume.  This allows, the system to automatically convert to any other unit of measure in a recipe.  For example, if you set an item to be 1.5 pounds in net weight (per bag), then you can select 3 ounces in the recipe.  Yellow Dog Inventory will automatically deduct the right amount from the bag.

Recipes for an Item

Do you need to easily see and edit the recipes for an item? No problem. You can easily see all recipes and view/edit them right from the item screen.

PAR Levels

 Looking for a suggested reorder report?  Simply use the item and store combination reorder point and par level fields.  The system can be configured to create the reorder report and automatically email it weekly. You can also use a Fill to PAR option on Purchase Orders, Transfers, and Replenishment Worksheets to make the quantity get you back to your PAR level.



We can also tag an item’s location within each outlet to help with various grouping for lists and reports.


Item Pictures and Lists

Yellow Dog Inventory let’s you 1. add unlimited pictures to your items 2. Organize items into specific lists 3. Use these lists to add items to purchasing workflows and 4. print full page “catalogs” to use for a variety of uses.


Inactive Items

With Yellow Dog Inventory, you will never have to worry about “dead wood”. You can set how long to keep items with no-hands and no activity. When items hit that mark, they are inactivated which hides them from all your primary item views. You can always re-activate the item….but you inventory data will be automatically kept tidy!


Item Reports & Purchasing Activity

To keep your use of Yellow Dog Inventory as efficient as possible, we have item reports and purchasing activity as tabs in the item setup (no need to go to reports when you are already looking at the item you need to analyze). The Item Reports include purchases, transfers, receipts, invoices, physicals, and sales. Purchasing activity includes all purchasing workflows along with the ability to open each document.