RMA Process

If you encounter an issue with your Unitech handheld device, please follow these steps below:

  • Upon discovering you have an issue with your handheld please contact Yellow Dog Support ASAP. (757)663-7514.

  • A Yellow Dog Support Guide will take you through our trouble shooting steps.

  • If it is determined that the issue does not lie with the Yellow Dog application installed on the device, Yellow Dog will coordinate a call between you, a Unitech Support representative and your Yellow Dog Support Guide.

    • Prior to this call, please have your device Serial Number which can found on the back of the device behind the battery.

  • If Unitech Support is unable to resolve the issue, it may be determined that the device needs to be sent to Unitech at that time for RMA.

  • You will be provided a link to submit an RMA to Unitech

  • Warranty Information

For information about your Unitech hardware warranty, please visit Untiech’s warranty page. Click Here