2019 Spring Training User Conference
Norfolk, Virginia | March 19-21

We had a great turn out for our spring training and user conference!


It was held at our corporate office - 965 Norfolk Square, Norfolk, VA 23502


March 19th - Tuesday | 9 am to 5 pm Optional Free Training Sessions, By Appointment , 5 pm Welcome Reception
March 20th - Wednesday | 9 am to 5 pm Yellow Dog Updates, User Led Sessions (Retail Track & F&B Track), Breakout Sessions, Dinner on your own
March 21st - Thursday | 9 am to 12 pm Round Table Discussions, Lunch, 1 pm Optional Free Training Sessions, By Appointment

The complete agenda can be downloaded here.


"It proved very fruitful for myself and hopefully for our organization- I learned several ways to leverage your software in the both the immediate and not-so-immediate future. I noticed that for both the breakout sessions and the user-driver conversations today there was a healthy mix of developers, implementation, and support staff.  It was a wise decision, please let that continue!  Having all the teams present in the conversations made for very focused and fruitful discussions."

“Training sessions on the last day….. I did not do them last year, and am so happy we did it this year. Before the conference I felt YDI ran us instead of us running the program for our needs-financial forecasting.”

“Your staff is excellent and very approachable. The knowledge is fantastic! Great Conference.”

“Training!! Learning reports, what to run, when and how. Bob spent 2 hours on Sunday and we went through each tab, all reports we wanted to learn. He was awesome! We learned so much and appreciate the time he spent with us.”

“Building relationships and discussing feature requests with the Development Team directly.”

“It was very beneficial to hear how others use Yellow Dog Inventory and what their best practices are. Round-tables gave the opportunity to discuss and network to collaborate in the future.”

“You have the best staff to work with! I love your company-I wish I could work with you guys, you seem like family!”