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Please read agreement below before clicking "I AGREE"


This Agreement made and entered into this day between “Referral Fee Member” and Yellow Dog Software, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company with its principal place of business at 965 Norfolk Sq, Norfolk, Virginia 23502 (herein after “Yellow Dog Software”) shall be bound by the laws of Virginia. WHEREAS, the Referral Fee Member and Yellow Dog Software wish to enter into this Agreement in order to define their respective rights, duties, and obligations. THEREFORE, in consideration to these terms, covenants, conditions and mutual promises contained herein, it is hereby stipulated and agreed as follows:

The Referral Fee Member is engaged as an independent contractor with no affiliation to Yellow Dog Software and shall be treated as such for all purposes, including but not limited to Federal and State taxation, withholding, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

This Agreement does not establish an agent/principal/employee relationship between Yellow Dog Software and the Referral Fee Member. The Referral Fee Member shall not have the power or authority to execute any legal documents for or on behalf of Yellow Dog Software nor do anything to legally obligate Yellow Dog Software in any manner.

The services provided by the Referral Fee Member shall include but are not limited to the following: providing the name, company name, email, and phone numbers of the prospective client interested in the Yellow Dog Inventory software module from Yellow Dog Software.

The prospective client name, phone number, and any additional information requested by Yellow Dog Software must be submitted to Yellow Dog Software prior to the sale transaction of Yellow Dog Inventory to the interested party.  If Yellow Dog Software has already engaged in a relationship with the prospective client apart from any introductions from the referral fee member, Yellow Dog Software will notify the referral fee member immediately to determine if the referral fee is still applicable.

The Referral Fee Member will be eligible to receive a $250 referral fee payment for all leads that execute a sales contract for Yellow Dog Inventory software within 12 months of the date of the referral form submission.  Payment will be made to the Referral Fee Member within 30 days of contract acceptance by Yellow Dog Software.

The referral fee will be paid to the Referral Fee Member one time - per client.  When additional locations are added by an existing Yellow Dog Software customer, the Referral Fee Member will not be eligible for additional referral fees. 

This Agreement and the relationship created hereby may be terminated by either party hereto at any time upon written notice.

Yellow Dog Software agrees to hold the information presented by the referral fee member as confidential and not to disclose the information to any party outside of this agreement. 

By clicking the “I AGREE” button above, the undersigned stipulate and agree that they have completely read this Agreement, that the terms hereof are fully understood and voluntarily accepted by them.