Employees and Security

You can configure each user to have specific security settings to access certain parts of the software as well as the fields and functions they may have on a given screen.  The 4 main settings you can control include:

  • Visible - Can they even see the menu or function

  • Edit - Can they edit the information

  • Edit After Commit - Can they change something after it is committed

  • Optional - Is this field optional or should it be a required entry

The example below shows the same screen viewed by a manager with rights to almost all functions and an associate who only has access to a few fields on this screen.  Note the associate only has access to two of the tabs on the left and that several fields are not visible to them at all.

Employee Groups

You can either manage employees individually or you can use groups to easily assign consistent security rights.



And if you have a lot of employees, no problem. We have an import for their contact information.

Password Reset

Your employees can also set their own password reset security questions. No more coming to the boss because they forgot their password.

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