Item Types

Yellow Dog Inventory supports many different types of retail items and transaction flows.  Over the next several pages we will detail these items and how they can help you manage your retail operations.

Standard Items                         Kits

Matrix Items                            Weighted Items

Parent/Child Items                  Linked Items

No Count Items                        F&B Items 

Standard Items

All of your individual items can be found from the main item listing screen.  This screen has multiple views to allow you to see various item properties.  It also has filters for stores, vendors, levels, as well as wild card search to help you find any item you need.

An example of a standard, single item is show below. The red text indicates the required information such as description, level, vendor price, and retail. Please note, that with the security options, you could turn off certain fields, make some fields required, and make whole tabs or functions not accessible.

On the “Stores” tab, you can select which stores the item is available, change the retail price (which can be different across stores), your reorder point, par level, and a bin number.  The item’s cost, on-hand, on-order, and in-transit values will be calculated automatically.

Matrix Items

 You can use the matrix ability for any item that you want to view by one or two dimensions – typically size and color.  You create one profile for each matrix and then select the size and/or color options.  You can track each of your Matrix Items by up to 10 dimensions.

Each matrix item is created just like a single item, but the management of all the matrix items can be performed in one place.  You can easily override an item's properties such as increasing the cost on 2XL sizes. 

Parent/Child Items

 We support parent/child relationships where you may buy an item in one size, but then inventory and sell it another size.  The example below shows a candy item that is purchased by the “case”, but is only sold and inventoried by the “each”.

You can transfer or adjust the “case” item.  Note how it auto reduces the proper “each” count.

Weighed Items

Yellow Dog Inventory can handle numerous weighted or calculated quantity inventory situations.    Below are the situations we typically come across.

Total Price Entry

Total price entry is a situation where you enter in a total price, but need inventory to be reduced correctly.  An example might be a marina that enters a fuel purchase as $150.  Yellow Dog Inventory can set that item to calculate the quantity to reduce by dividing the total item price ($150) by its retail price ($5) to then reduce inventory by 30 gallons.

Quantity Entered to POS

You may have a scale that you use to determine the quantity of the item for a sale.  That may get the right total, but most POS systems still track the quantity sold as 1 (see the Potato Salad example below).  Yellow Dog Inventory can divide that sale amount by the item’s retail to deduct the correct quantity of the item.

Deli Scale Bar Codes

 We have integrated Yellow Dog Inventory with several deli scale systems.  This allows Yellow Dog to be the system that will manage the price (and send it both to the scale and to the POS) as well as decrement the correct quantity from inventory (since the POS will typically only send a quantity of 1 and a total price).  Please contact our sales team regarding scale and POS system integration details.


Linking POS Items to Reduce Inventory

 You can also have inventory deductions occur anytime certain POS items or modifiers are sold. 

No Count Items

You can create items that are “No Count” items.  This is a great way to create and manage all of the items you might need including your services in Yellow Dog Inventory.  It may also be used to handle other non-stock item like newspapers or magazines.

F&B Items

Yellow Dog Inventory also handles F&B items!  You can setup each user to utilize different item views so that it looks one way for your F&B inventory users and another way for your retail users.  Click here to learn more about our F&B inventory management capabilities.

Item Automatic Movement

Yellow Dog Inventory provides a lot of functionality for you to handle your unique inventory or sales reporting needs.

Auto Transfers

Yellow Dog Inventory can have levels or certain items setup so that anytime the item is sold outside its primary store, it will trigger an automatic transfer to adjust the on-hand back to 0 (from -1).  An example of this would be a wine that is stocked in the restaurant, but a customer wants to buy it when they are in the grill.  The grill can add the item to the check and the on-hand will go to -1 in Yellow Dog Inventory.  An automatic transfer will be initiated from the restaurant to bring the on-hand of the item in the grill back to 0.   

Sales Re-assignment

Yellow Dog Inventory can automatically re-assign the sales revenue from one store to another.  Used quite often with the auto transfers, it is a way to make sure that the right store gets credit for the transaction.  An example of this would be a resort where the Golf Pro Shop provides inventory for sale at the pool.  The sale is rung up in the pool revenue center in the POS.  Yellow Dog will take just those sales and move them to the Golf Pro Shop store.  POS reporting is unaffected. 

Auto Zero

Yellow Dog Inventory allows you to have certain types of items have their on-hand adjusted to zero. For example, you may order retail product as well as supplies from the warehouse. The warehouse need to track the supplies as normal inventory items. However, when they get to you, those items need to have a zero on-hand and hit the right expense account. No problem. Yellow Dog will automatically make those adjustments to the right items and only in the right store(s).

Key Item Features

The following are some of the key item features of Yellow Dog Inventory.

Auto SKU Numbering

 You can automatically generate a unique SKU number for each item you add to Yellow Dog Inventory.  This could be a simple incremental number or one that contains some “DNA” of their level and vendor information.


Yellow Dog Inventory includes 10 dimensions for each item.  You can label these dimensions anything you wish and create the drop down lists of the entries.  You can use the reports to filter on these values.

Auto Assignment to all Stores

A number of our clients want all items to be available to all stores so that any item can be sold or returned at any time.  Yellow Dog Inventory can be configured to automatically do this for all items or for just those stores that the user has access to.



You can enter the number of days before a product expires.  Yellow Dog Inventory will track how long it has been since each of these items have been received or produced.  The main item list has a view to show the status of all items that have an expiration date configured.

Multiple Vendors

 Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item.

PAR Levels

 Looking for a suggested reorder report?  Simply use the reorder point and par level fields for each item and store combination.  We would recommend that the reorder report be saved and emailed automatically each week.


Yellow Dog Inventory gives you the ability to set “Evergreen” status to inventory items, meaning they do not age nor do they have an expiration date. These items can be excluded from aging reports and can be filtered in other reports.

Item Views

Yellow Dog Inventory offers numerous options for viewing your items, making it easy to see, edit, and organize items based on a variety of factors to quickly and easily manage your items.

Classic View-View all items in your database in a list form, choose visible columns and sort/arrange columns as you wish and then sort by various stores, levels and vendors along with the ability to hide certain types of items.

All Stores-Great for Multi-location management, you can see individual store on hands for each item at all stores even without access to those stores.

Activity- Quickly see the first and last sale, edit, and creation date for each item along with on hand.

Merchandiser- This view allows you to filter item details based on a single dimension or a combination of dimensions. 

Locations-This view allows you to see which locations are assigned to items within a store.   

Parent/Child-Shows only items that are set up with a Parent/Child relationship.

Problem Items- A view that identifies potential item problems such as duplicate UPC’s and missing vendor or retail price.

Purchasing- View to assist with purchasing information such as vendor properties and par/reorder points.

SKU, Vendor SKU, and UPC’s- Shows the item information as it relates to SKU, Vendor SKU and UPC’s.

Web Items-Allows you to see all the web properties as they relate to items integrated with an online shopping cart.

Manual Adjustments

Tracking manual adjustments is fast and easy with Yellow Dog Inventory.  Simply add the items to the adjustment list you want to reduce.  Then select a reason code for the adjustment and enter a reference.  The reason codes are unlimited so you can track your adjustments at any detail you wish (with detailed reporting).

Manual Sales

Do you have sales that can occur outside of your point of sale system? No problem. Our manual sales function let’s you create sales transactions to then reduce inventory and update your sales reporting. So if you have a non-connected web store, cash register, auction, or other non-connected sales activity - we have you covered. You can import sales too!

Item Import

Yellow Dog Inventory includes a built in import feature.  You can use this to import new items, updated price lists, new vendors, etc.

Copy Items

You can also copy an existing item to create a new item.  It will copy all appropriate data and allow you to select a new SKU number, UPC Codes, and Vendor part numbers.

Attached Files

You can also attach any files to each item or any purchasing document for easy access and recall. 

Scheduled Price Changes

You can also schedule a price change for an item or for a group of items.  The example below shows how you can use a formula to schedule a 10% price reduction for a group of items.  Our system will automatically update the POS with the new price on the scheduled dates.

Item Lists

Yellow Dog Inventory Item List allows you to organize items for printing. It is useful for POS scan sheets, order guides, and catalogues.

Item Lists can include just about any item property you may want such as the bar code, picture, bin, or vendor information.

Item Lists can also be imported into all purchasing documents, physical inventories, and manual adjustments.  Any repetitive item selection can be a single click function.



Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard item related features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Item Creation and Management

  • Unlimited Levels (Department/Sub Department/Category/Sub Category)

  • Item Creation during any PO, receipt, invoice or other system function

  • Automatic SKU Numbering

  • Each item can be attached to multiple stores, warehouses, and storerooms

  • Item List-14 views (classic, purchasing related, activity, SLU & UPC, etc.)

  • Search for items by store, vendor, SKU, level, full or partial description

  • Matrix items-10 dimensions attributes – Drop Down List per item

  • Kit Items and Weighted Items

  • Matrix Editor

  • Recipes for F&B (deduct ingredient items based on POS item)

  • Evergreen Flag-Items that don’t age and can be filtered in numerous reports.

  • Cost value has 8 decimals (10.12345678), On-Hand has 6 (1.123456)

  • Short Description (used for POS description) and Extended Description (labels and reports)

  • Price calculations by Markup or Profit Margin, and Scheduled Price Changes

  • Shipping-can be added into the Cost of each Item

  • On-hand, On-order, reorder point, and reorder quantity set per item by location

  • Pictures for each Item

  • Aliases (supports unlimited UPC and other alternate lookup codes per item)

  • Average Weighted cost, LIFO, and FIFO

  • Parent/Child Item Management (ex. case/12 pack/can)

  • Interactive view allows editing of multiple items on same screen

  • Inactivate items without deleting history

  • Import ability for new items or mass changes

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