Item Adjustments and Automatic Movement

Manual Adjustments

Tracking manual adjustments is fast and easy with Yellow Dog Inventory.  Simply add the items to the adjustment list you want to reduce.  Then select a reason code for the adjustment and enter a reference.  The reason codes are unlimited so you can track your adjustments at any detail you wish (with detailed reporting). The reason codes can also be limited to certain stores so only the right codes are available. Need these “expenses” posting to accounting? Learn more here.

Manual Adjustments can be made on the Mobile App. Learn more here.

Manual Sales

Do you have sales that can occur outside of your point of sale system? No problem. Our manual sales function let’s you create sales transactions to then reduce inventory and update your sales reporting. So if you have a non-connected web store, cash register, auction, or other non-connected sales activity - we have you covered. You can import sales too!

Item Behaviors

You can easily setup items to behave exactly as you want. For example, if you create an item that cannot be transferred (Perhaps you only only the Case to be transferred), you can easily block it from being an option.

Yellow Dog Inventory provides a lot of automatic movement and re-assignment for you to handle your unique inventory or sales reporting needs.

Auto Transfers

Yellow Dog Inventory can have levels or certain items setup so that anytime the item is sold outside its primary store, it will trigger an automatic transfer to adjust the on-hand back to 0 (from -1).  An example of this would be a wine that is stocked in the restaurant, but a customer wants to buy it when they are in the grill.  The grill can add the item to the check and the on-hand will go to -1 in Yellow Dog Inventory.  An automatic transfer will be initiated from the restaurant to bring the on-hand of the item in the grill back to 0.   

Sales Re-assignment

Yellow Dog Inventory can automatically re-assign the sales revenue from one store to another.  Used quite often with the auto transfers, it is a way to make sure that the right store gets credit for the transaction.  An example of this would be a resort where the Golf Pro Shop provides inventory for sale at the pool.  The sale is rung up in the pool revenue center in the POS.  Yellow Dog will take just those sales and move them to the Golf Pro Shop store.  POS reporting is unaffected. 

Auto Zero

Yellow Dog Inventory allows you to have certain types of items have their on-hand adjusted to zero. For example, you may order retail product as well as supplies from the warehouse. The warehouse need to track the supplies as normal inventory items. However, when they get to you, those items need to have a zero on-hand and hit the right expense account. No problem. Yellow Dog will automatically make those adjustments to the right items and only in the right store(s).

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