Item Views

Yellow Dog Inventory offers 13 Views for your inventory items - making it easy to see, edit, and organize items based on a variety of factors.


The item views, along with many other parts of Yellow Dog Inventory, have a “Choose Column” ability. You can show/hide the columns of information you want. You can also move columns to any order you want. As you customize and refine these views - your use of Yellow Dog Inventory get’s faster and you get your work done quicker!


Classic View

View all items in your database in a list form, choose visible columns and sort/arrange columns as you wish and then sort by various stores, levels and vendors along with the ability to hide certain types of items.


All Stores

Great for Multi-location management, you can see individual store on hands for each item at all stores even without access to those stores. You can also see on-order quantities as well.



Quickly see the create date, last edited date, last sale, and first and last activity and received dates. This is a great view to spot slow to no-movement items and take action.



This view allows you to filter item details based on a single dimension or a combination of dimensions.  Need a certain color/size/style for a guest? No problem!


This view allows you to see which location(s) are assigned to items within a store.   A great tool to manage the physical display location of product within your store.



Shows only items that are set up with a Parent/Child relationship.



View to assist with purchasing information such as vendor properties and par/reorder points.


SKU, Vendor SKU, and UPC’s

Shows the item information as it relates to SKU, Vendor SKU and UPC’s.


Kit Only

Shows only kit items and their related components.

Interface Codes

Shows the item codes as their last point of sale sync or accounting export.

Problem Items

A view that identifies potential item problems such as duplicate UPC’s and missing vendor or retail price.

Web Items

Allows you to see all the web properties as they relate to items integrated with an online shopping cart.

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