Item Features

 The following are some of the key item features of Yellow Dog Inventory.

Auto SKU Numbering

 You can automatically generate a unique SKU number for each item you add to Yellow Dog Inventory.  This could be a simple incremental number or one that contains some “DNA” of their level and vendor information. Note: We have auto-numbering for other things such as the Purchase Order, Receipt,


Yellow Dog Inventory includes unlimited dimensions for each item.  You can label these dimensions anything you wish and create the drop down lists of the entries.  You can use the reports to filter on these values.

Auto Assignment to all Stores

A number of our clients want all items to be available to all stores so that any item can be sold or returned at any time.  Yellow Dog Inventory can be configured to automatically do this for all items or for just those stores that the user has access to.



You can enter the number of days before a product expires.  Yellow Dog Inventory will track how long it has been since each of these items have been received or produced.  The main item list has a view to show the status of all items that have an expiration date configured.

Multiple Vendors

 Yellow Dog Inventory supports unlimited vendors for any item.

PAR Levels

 Looking for a suggested reorder report?  Simply use the reorder point and par level fields for each item and store combination.  We would recommend that the reorder report be saved and emailed automatically each week.


Yellow Dog Inventory gives you the ability to set “Evergreen” status to inventory items, meaning they do not age nor do they have an expiration date. These items can be excluded from aging reports and can be filtered in other reports.

Item Import

Yellow Dog Inventory includes a built in import feature.  You can use this to import new items, updated price lists, new vendors, etc.

Copy Items

You can also copy an existing item to create a new item.  It will copy all appropriate data and allow you to select a new SKU number, UPC Codes, and Vendor part numbers.

Attached Files

You can also attach any files to each item or any purchasing document for easy access and recall. 

Scheduled Price Changes & Bar Code Printing

You can also schedule a price change for an item or for a group of items.  The example below shows how you can use a formula to schedule a 10% price reduction for a group of items.  Our system will automatically update the POS with the new price on the scheduled dates. You can then print new bar code labels for any day’s price changes.


Item Lists

Yellow Dog Inventory Item List allows you to organize items for printing. It is useful for POS scan sheets, order guides, and catalogues.

Item Lists can include just about any item property you may want such as the bar code, picture, bin, or vendor information.

Item Lists can also be imported into all purchasing documents, physical inventories, and manual adjustments.  Any repetitive item selection can be a single click function.


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