Yellow Dog Inventory is a product that needs to be quoted to each opportunity. The reason for this vary and include the following:

  • We are not a Business to Consumer offering. We provide a real product with real professional labor and there is no one-size fits all for inventory needs.

  • We are not “Shinnyware” = Which is a veneer of a slick website where there is no phone number to call (because it’s a company with a handful of people who can’t give you the time to talk through your needs.

  • We are not “Shelfware” = Which is a product you buy, try to implement, then it fails, and the product sits on the “Shelf” and you have not received any value.

  • Some POS companies require you to buy our software through their app markets.

  • We hope to keep you as a customer for a long time. Those relationships start with a conversation.

We offer both subscription (monthly) and license (one-time) price models.

Our pricing is per store/number of items needed for each store. This allows you to select a store price that meets your specific needs.

Also, we provide unlimited users and access to the system.

Proposal Request

We have a sales team that is eager to learn about your business and formulate an accurate proposal based on your operation’s size and needs. To start, please fill out the below so that we can put together a detailed proposal for your review.

Enter the business address.
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Phone *
Enter the name of the POS system you have or will use.
Detail the stores you need for your business. Each separate inventory will be its own store. Enter the store name and how many unique items each store will have.
Do you have a need for a separate warehouse inventory location?
Enter the quantity of handhelds you will want to include in the proposal. Usually, clients have one handheld per person that will perform physical inventories (3 people 3 handhelds).
Usually, clients have one bar code printer for each label they printer. So if you print 2 labels (small and large), then we suggest you have 2 printers. You can have one printer and simply change the label media.
For example, will you want the inventory to integrate with Shopify?
Enter the name of the eCommerce system you use.
We can provide an optional integration to provide invoice or COGS and inventory adjustments to accounting systems.
Enter the name of the accounting software you use.

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