Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete purchasing offering which includes requests, purchase orders, purchase order approvals, receipts, invoice, transfers, and returns to vendors.  

The flow of these purchasing documents can be related – meaning a request for product can be created which can then be turned into a PO or perhaps a transfer.  You can also start with just a receipt or an invoice (no PO required).

Find Anything Really Fast

Can’t remember anything except the name of the item you ordered? Our search can also include the items so you can easily find any purchasing document by entering just a specific item detail.


If you have multiple stores and/or a central warehouse, you may want to use our Request function to have stores request the items they need. An example request is shown below.

Purchase Orders

Below is an example of the Purchase Order entry screen.

Add From…..

We have designed Yellow Dog Inventory to allow you to perform your duties as efficiently as possible. In addition to adding existing items, you can also create new items on the fly as well as add from certain sources like items below their reorder/par, or items you scanned in the mobile apps, or specific lists and quantities.


Setup Transfers In Advance

You can enter the quantity each store should receive from each PO. The example below shows that order quantity for each item will be 55 with transfers out to the team, satellite, and kiosks stores. When receiving this PO, you will be notified that there are associated transfers and prompted to go ahead and automatically create them.

Expected Arrival Date

You can easily enter and view the expected arrival date for your orders along with your start and cancel ship dates.

Arrival Log and Notification

You can also have the warehouse or receiving group mark Purchase Orders as Arrived. Our built in automated reporting can alert the buyers that their orders have arrived on a frequency of your choosing.

Email PO and Add Custom Terms

You can easily email your PO as a PDF to the appropriate contact per store and vendor. You can also add any custom terms and conditions to any Purchase Order.

Foreign Currency

Yellow Dog Inventory supports the ability to present your purchasing documents in the currency of each vendor.  We have an API which will download exchange rates each day to ensure your conversion is always up to date.

Copy Purchase Order

Need the same Purchase Order? Just “Create based On” and replicate an existing PO for any store.


Purchase Order Approvals

Yellow Dog Inventory provides two methods of PO approval:

  1. Threshold

  2. Hierarchy

With Threshold, you simply set dollar amount ranges that require certain approvals.  With Hierarchy, the PO has to be approved by various “roles” with one or more tiers.  The Hierarchy approval process includes a web portal for review that users can access via an email link sent for each requested PO Approval.

Purchase Order Worksheets

The Purchase Order Worksheet is a tool used to generate multiple Purchase Orders for multiple stores simultaneously. This worksheet also simplifies matrix item ordering by displaying all matrix items in a grid similar to the matrix editor. Upon commitment of a Purchase Order worksheet, individual Purchase Orders will be created for each of the receiving stores as well as PO Approvals will be sent. 


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