Yellow Dog Inventory has a complete purchasing offering which includes requests, purchase orders, purchase order approvals, receipts, invoice, transfers, and returns to vendors.  

The flow of these purchasing documents can be related – meaning a request for product can be created which can then be turned into a PO or perhaps a transfer.  You can also start with just a receipt or an invoice (no PO required).

Below is an example of the Purchase Order entry screen.

Foreign Currency

Yellow Dog Inventory supports the ability to present your purchasing documents in the currency of each vendor.  We have an API which will download exchange rates each day to ensure your conversion is always up to date.

Purchase Order Approvals

Yellow Dog Inventory provides two methods of PO approval:

  1. Threshold

  2. Hierarchy

With Threshold, you simply set dollar amount ranges that require certain approvals.  With Hierarchy, the PO has to be approved by various “roles” with one or more tiers.  The Hierarchy approval process includes a web portal for review that users can access via an email link sent for each requested PO Approval.

Purchase Order Worksheets

The Purchase Order Worksheet is a tool used to generate multiple Purchase Orders for multiple stores simultaneously. This worksheet also simplifies matrix item ordering by displaying all matrix items in a grid similar to the matrix editor. Upon commitment of a Purchase Order worksheet, individual Purchase Orders will be created for each of the receiving stores as well as PO Approvals will be sent. 

Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Purchasing and Requests

  • Purchase Order – Requests can be converted to a PO or you can create new orders from scratch. Orders can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists

  • PO Approvals- allows non-users of Yellow Dog Inventory to be involved in the PO Approval process through email notification and can include multi-tier approval requirements.

  • Requests – Store can submit requests for review and approval. Requests can be created based on par levels, inventory on hand, sales, or item lists

  • PO Worksheets- generate multiple Purchase Orders for multiple stores simultaneously.

  • Custom templates for all forms (requests, orders, receipts, invoices)

  • Automatic order numbering

  • Add new items on the fly

  • Print Labels when receiving items

  • Pre-allocate quantities on PO to auto-transfer to multiple stores on receipt

  • “Purchasing View” let’s you view product by par and re-order values and create the PO directly from that view

  • Purchase orders can be printed in the vendor’s defined currency with conversion

Transfers and Returns to Vendors

  • Transfer items from one store to another

  • Transfers can be automatic or require receipt and acceptance

  • Custom transfer templates

  • Automatic transfer numbering

  • Add new items on the fly during the transfer process

  • Return items to vendors

  • Custom template for returns

  • Automatic transfer numbering based on Store, Vendor, Incremental, and manual input

  • Record accounting reason for return

  • Reverse transfers to return items to originating location

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