Items can be received into Yellow Dog Inventory by a receipt. A receipt can be converted from a Purchase Order or it be created without one (security setting).


You can print a “Receiver” for any Purchase Order and have it ready to reconcile each shipment. You can have the receiver include pictures and UPC codes for identification. Some clients also use the mobile app to assign UPC codes as product arrives.


Below is an example of the Receipt entry screen.

The system comes with default templates for receipts. You can create new templates and/or customize the existing templates.


Print Bar Code Labels or “Queue” Them Up For Later

With Yellow Dog Inventory, you can automatically print the bar codes when you receive in new items. You can also send them to the Queue to print them out at a later point.

Schedule Future Price Changes

Need to change the retail price based on a cost increase? With Yellow Dog, you can receive in your items and set a schedule price change (and label printing) to kick off on a future date.

Below is an example of the Invoice entry screen. You can have unlimited expense accounts for fees like freight or embroidery. The invoice complete our 3-way match where you can convert the PO into a Receipt and Receipts into an Invoice.

The expenses (freight and duty in the example above) support math in the field. So you can easily do things like entry 54+23+18 to calculate to $95.00. A little thing that will save you from pulling out your $5 calculator every day.

Invoice Expenses

You can create any expenses for your invoices, assign the proper accounting GL expense accounts, and the default distribution method (add to cost or keep separate).

Foreign Currency

Yellow Dog Inventory supports the ability to present your purchasing documents in the currency of each vendor.  We have an API which will download exchange rates each day to ensure your conversion is always up to date.

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