We know that when it comes to replenishment, you need options. With Yellow Dog Inventory, you can replenish your inventory by a number of time saving methods.

Add From…

This feature is in all of the purchasing documents including transfers and purchase orders. With this option, you could replenish a store to get them back to their PARs, you could do a direct replenishment based on the last night’s game sales, you could use the mobile app session you just created for the item’s and quantities…the list of options goes on and on.

Replenishment Worksheet

The Replenishment Worksheet is great for stadiums or other multi-store operations where frequent replenishment is a must.

This feature allows you to update Reorder Points and PARs for groups of items and create transfers for each store.  Detailed selling and sell through percentages show you how each store is selling the item.  Customizable algorithm allocates warehouse quantities based sales performance.  Worksheets can be saved as templates for future use. “Fill to PAR” option also helps high volume events stock to their max regardless of reorder points.

Transfer Worksheet

Do you just need to transfer items to multiple stores at once? Easily done. Use our Transfer Worksheet to easily select items and the quantities to transfer to each store.

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