Yellow Dog Inventory includes over 300 standard reports covering the key operational area of sales, events, inventory, item movement, physical inventories, purchasing, and employees.  We are continuously enhancing or adding new reports based solely on user feedback and needs.

Store Lists

You can create your own store lists to make selection of certain stores a one click function. Use thsi for store types, geographic locations/regions, etc.

With the Relative Date Range ability, your team can easily select the right accounting period for any report. Makes every report date selection the same 100% of the time. Perfect for 4-4-5 budget periods.

You can hide/show the columns for each report, add subtotals, and sort the information any way you want.  This allows you to take any report and change it to your exact needs. 

There are also several charts to allow you to see your activity visually.

You can also save reports and even set them to be emailed to you and your team automatically.

Event Tags

This feature allows for filtering and summarization of sales based on dates of preset events and tags.  In the example below, you see how events dates have been configured with tags associated with each event.  The Yellow Dog Inventory reports can then use these tags to filter/summarize key information.


We capture summarized information on each item each day to create a “Daily BI” table. This provides an easy way to link Yellow Dog to tools like Microsoft BI as well as to capture historical data.

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