Yellow Dog Inventory can manage multiple stores, warehouse, and storage outlets.  Some of the store types we offer include:

  • Unlimited Stores - Unlimited Items

  • Gold Stores - Up to 750 Items

  • Silver Stores - Up to 500 Items

  • Bronze Stores - Up to 250 Items

  • Warehouses - Unlimited Items

  • Storage Outlets - Up to 750 Items

  • No Count Stores - Used to transfer only, no on-hands

Standard Feature Listing of Yellow Dog Inventory

Below are some of the standard features included with Yellow Dog Inventory.

Stores, Warehouses, and Locations

  • Unlimited stores can be setup

  • Stores can be connected to the POS or exist as warehouses or storage locations

  • Square feet per store field provides for sales per square foot reporting


  • System uses local workstation settings to display date, time, and currency

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