Yellow Dog Inventory can manage multiple stores, warehouse, and storage outlets.  Some of the store types we offer include:

  • Unlimited Stores - Unlimited Items

  • Gold Stores - Up to 750 Items

  • Silver Stores - Up to 500 Items

  • Bronze Stores - Up to 250 Items

  • Warehouses - Unlimited Items

  • Storage Outlets - Up to 750 Items

  • No Count Stores - Used to transfer only, no on-hands

You can set particular settings for each store to have it behave as a warehouse, be a production/commissary center, carry on no on-hands for transfers, it’s costing methodology, it’s end of day, and the close out date for transactions.

Warehouse On-Hand?

Need to know if the warehouse has enough to fulfill your request? Simply show the warehouse on-hand and on-order columns is various purchasing documents.

Store Lists

For multi-store environments, you can create Store Lists to make selection of store groups really fast and easy.


Also, our pricing model does not have any restrictions on the number of users you have or the number of people accessing the system at any given time. We charge just based on the inventory “stores” you need - not by how many people need to use the system.

Close Out Date

Rest assured, you can set closing dates that prevent any back-dating of information. This can be a global date across all stores, or you can set store by store settings to control when the system is “closed”.

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