Vendors and Manufacturers

 Easily manage your vendors and manufactures with Yellow Dog Inventory.

You can manage multi-stores with Yellow Dog Inventory and have each store’s specific customer number, accounting number, and manage if you prepay this vendor (pay via credit card).


You can also manage your contacts for each vendor and indicate who should receive your emailed PO’s.


Yellow Dog Inventory supports multiple vendors for an item. You can set the primary vendor for default selection. You can also set contract pricing and receive report notifications for pricing outside your deviation thresholds.


Have an item where you need to track the manufacturer separate from the vendor?  No problem.  We have fields for both and can run reporting on one or the other.

EDI Vendor Integration

Do your vendors support EDI Invoices (Means they can produce your invoices electronically for import to Yellow Dog Inventory) ? If so, then click here to see all of our integration vendors.

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