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Enhanced Inventory Management with Ready Theater Systems

Yellow Dog Inventory has developed a robust integration to handle F&B Inventory Management with the Ready Theater Systems Point of Sale System. 

Click the icons below to download a marketing packet, view the specifications of the integration, visit their website, and request a demonstration on our offering and the integration with Ready Theater Systems. There are also resources for Ready Theater Systems at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Packet


Partner Website

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Supported Integrations:


1-Way Integration - F&B

Yellow Dog Inventory is a full featured F&B inventory management system to handle a wide range of operations.  Our system compliments the Ready Theater Systems system by offering all recipe management, physical inventory, and food costing analysis an F&B operation may require. 

Some of the key features of our inventory system include:

  • Pull Sales Automatically

  • Easy COGS Reporting Matching Revenue to Usage

  • Recipes, Batch Recipes, and Production Recipes Supported

  • Commissary Workflows of Requests to Production to Transfers

  • Physical Inventory Process with Mobile Counting Apps, Sheet to Shelf Item Order, and Handheld Devices

  • Over 4,000 Vendor Invoice EDI Integrations Supported

  • Invoice Export to Quickbooks and dozens of other leading accounting systems

  • Detailed Waste Tracking

  • Optional Detailed Actual vs Theoretical Reporting

Ready Theater Systems Resources 

For more information on RTS, click here

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