Enhanced Inventory Management for Ready Theater Systems

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Yellow Dog Inventory offers complete F&B inventory management with the Ready Theater Systems Point of Sale System. Our inventory software for Ready Theater Systems includes a 1 Way Integration where we receive sales data to reduce inventory, and provide the features listed below. 

Food & Beverage Inventory

Yellow Dog Inventory is a full featured F&B inventory management system.  Our system compliments the Ready Theater Systems system by offering all recipe management, physical inventory, and food costing analysis an F&B operation may require. 


Some of the key features of our inventory system include:

  • Physical Inventory Process with option handheld devices

  • Vendor EDI Integration

  • Invoice Export to Quickbooks and other accounting systems

  • Waste Tracking

  • Recipes, Batch Recipes, and Production Recipes Supported

  • Detailed Actual vs Theoretical Reporting

Yellow Dog Inventory will pull all the sales from Ready Theater Systems on a scheduled interval and deduct your inventory based on your F&B setup.

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Ready Theater Systems Resources

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