Just saying.....

We recently had a POS Partner take 4 weeks to determine that they changed the spelling of one part of their interface and hence, we could not create or update items. Four weeks………I find that unbelievable that any company would allow their clients to suffer and not provide the proper escalation resources to resolve this within a few days…..maybe a week at the most. Maybe being privately owned with the world’s thinnest management layer has its benefits.

Here at yellow Dog, everything seems to go to DEFCON5. I had a client tell me that “It always seems like anything we report becomes an emergency”. I told him that issues are emergencies……that the bar is to not have support.

Newsletter to Newsvideo

In today’s world, we have come to realize that the written word may not be dead, but it sure is a lot harder for general audiences to digest. Blame it on tv, the internet, and iphones, but we live in a video world.

With that in mind, we have switched from sending our clients newsletters to a newsvideo. Basically, we have recorded a presentation of all our updates into a 15 minute youtube video. The video is being sent to the announcement section of our software so everyone will get a chance to see it when they login.

So we may spend a little more time on graphics instead of prose, but the complete content will be better!

Apologies to my brother, the College English Professor.

Networking the Bar Code Printer

We recently switched to the latest Zebra bar code printers - a basic direct thermal (burns the image) and an all environment printer which can print the roll onto the label (better graphics and handles heat/cold).

These printers have slots that allow us to insert a ethernet card to enable network printing. We will be adding these cards to our website shortly. Price under $100.

So now, all your users can share the central bar code printer!

The start of a new day

Hello World.

The start of the Dog’s Blog.

It’s remarkable the breadth of clients types that can use the Yellow Dog Inventory System. We have Mom and Pop gift shops, a chain of restaurants, a corporate pantry operation, to a large multi-store stadium. At the end of the day, all these businesses are looking for control over their spend and their return on inventory. The products vary….but the intent is all the same.

We will use the Dog’s Blog as a way to share news, updates, best practices, and thoughts on the work flows we provide and the industries we serve.