Below are links to our continually growing video tutorial library available through our Customer Portal. These videos are a great compliment to our written user manuals and can also be used as quick how-to instruction when a short video is all more appropriate. 

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Item Management

Basic System Navigation


Inactive and Removed Items

Creating a Retail Item

How to set a Primary Vendor

How to make a Manual Adjustment

Various Views in Yellow Dog Inventory

Food & Beverage

How to Create a Parent/Child Item

How to create an F&B Item

Introduction to Recipes

How to Create a Production Recipe

How to Create a Batch Recipe


How to Create Purchase Order

How to Create a Request

How to Create a Receipt

How to Create an Invoice

Issuing & Accepting Transfers

Receiver Worksheet

Worksheets: Purchase Orders

Mobile Devices

How to use CountSheets App with Yellow Dog Inventory

Preparing/Syncing the Handheld for a Physical Inventory Count


Aging Reports and the Evergreen Flag

Configuring SendSavedReports in Yellow Dog Inventory

Physical Inventory

How to use Count Sheets for Physical Inventory

Bar Code Printers

How to increase the darkness of Bar Code Labels

Unboxing my ZD410 Label Printer

Installing the ZD410 Label Printer