Our Approach and Why We Are Different

Thank you for considering the inventory offering from Yellow Dog Software for your retail operation.  We believe that we offer the best inventory system for the independent to small chain retail operators.  This cut sheet shows you all the features of our software and how you can use it to improve your operations.

No two operations are the same and neither are two of our inventory systems.  We work with each client to review their operations and then tailor the software configuration to help maximize their efficiency and use of Yellow Dog Inventory. 

A key part of our solution is a dedicated team who will convert and program your retail items.  Provided we can get your current item and vendor data in an appropriate electronic format, we will be able to convert it and import it into our system.  We realize that our clients are very busy and often don’t have the time to spend programming a new inventory system or chasing down vendors to get information.  Our implementation staff will work with each client to gather the item information and review all the conversions and formatting.  This approach means that we will be engaged with you through go-live.  Unlike most of our competitors who “love you and leave you” once the sale is made, Yellow Dog will stand by you the whole way and ensure that system is complete for a successful go-live experience.

We then back up your investment with a high touch support service.  By high touch, we provide an easily accessible team ready to answer your questions or assist with any technical needs you may have.  We also provide 24/7/365 emergency support in case you ever need it.  Lastly, our support team will provide free remote training whenever it is needed.  We firmly believe that the best user is a trained user and we don’t want the fear of a cost to ever interfere with that.


Depending on each site’s particular needs, our retail inventory offering may include the following:

Yellow Dog Inventory

This is the core inventory software system provided by Yellow Dog Software.  This module will cover all of your item maintenance, purchasing/receiving/invoicing, and reporting needs. 

Point of Sale System Sync Module

Yellow Dog Software offers “sync” programs with the leading hospitality POS systems.  All of our retail POS integrations support a “2” way sync where we can create and insert new/changed menu items to the POS system as well as pull sales to decrement inventory.  Please click here to see a complete listing of these interfaces.

Accounting Invoice Export

We can also export invoices and present them to various accounting systems.  A listing of these interfaces can be located here.

EDI Vendor Interfaces

Yellow Dog Inventory offers an optional module for EDI integration with your vendors.  This interface will automatically download your invoices and add them to your inventory system.  These EDI interfaces are ideal for convenience store operations!  The listing of our current EDI Vendor interfaces can be viewed here.

Overview Retail.PNG

Property Types that use Yellow Dog Inventory

Resorts, Hotels, Gaming, Hospitals, Markets, Universities, Park Systems, Stadiums, Airports, Corporate Campus, Theaters, Amusement Parks, Performing Art Centers, Ski Resorts, Water Parks, Military Bases, Zoos, Breweries, Vineyards, Chocolate Retailers, Tobacco Retailers, Restaurants or other Food Service with Retail Operations, and establishments with large wine inventories.

Stores Types that use Yellow Dog Inventory

Gift Shops, Boutiques, Golf Shops, Marinas, Tennis Shops, Coffee Shops, Markets, Smoke Shops, Tobacco, Brew Pubs, Wine Cellars, Grocery, Bars, Concession, Convenience, Athletic Centers, and much more.

Retail Inventory

Yellow Dog Inventory can create and manage all of your item’s details in one place.  Our easy to use interface allows you to quickly navigate from creating an item, creating a new purchase order, receiving in a new shipment, to printing your management reporting.  The security in the system will allow you to give just the right access to certain functions as well as screen elements to ensure complete control over your inventory operations.

Item Types

Yellow Dog Inventory supports many different types of retail items and transaction flows.  Over the next several pages we will detail these items and how they can help you manage your retail operations.

Standard Items                         Kits

Matrix Items                            Weighted Items

Parent/Child Items                  Linked Items

No Count Items                        F&B Items 

Standard Items

An example of a standard, single item is show below. The red text indicates the required information such as description, level, vendor price, and retail. Please note, that with the security options, you could turn off certain fields, make some fields required, and make whole tabs or functions not accessible.

On the “Stores” tab, you can select which stores the item is available, change the retail price (which can be different across stores), your reorder point, par level, and a bin number.  The item’s cost, on-hand, on-order, and in-transit values will be calculated automatically.

Matrix Items

 You can use the matrix ability for any item that you want to view by one or two dimensions – typically size and color.  You create one profile for each matrix and then select the size and/or color options.  You can track each of your Matrix Items by up to 10 dimensions.

Each matrix item is created just like a single item, but the management of all the matrix items can be performed in one place.  You can easily override an item's properties such as increasing the cost on 2XL sizes. 

Parent/Child Items

 We support parent/child relationships where you may buy an item in one size, but then inventory and sell it another size.  The example below shows a candy item that is purchased by the “case”, but is only sold and inventoried by the “each”.

You can transfer or adjust the “case” item.  Note how it auto reduces the proper “each” count.


Yellow Dog Inventory supports two types of kits – Production and Dynamic.

Production Kit

The example below details a production kit.  In a production kit, the item is “produced” and the on-hand of the kit item is increased and the components are reduced at that time.

A standard item is created as shown below.

On the “Kit” tab, you can select a kit and how that kit will behave.  The behavior selection will select certain options automatically.  The kit can be created on the fly from this screen.

Here are the details of this kit setup.

Dynamic Kit

The example below details a dynamic kit.  In a dynamic kit, the item never has an on-hand value and the components are reduced when a sale, return, or adjustment is made.

A standard item is created as shown below.

On the “Kit” tab, you can select a kit and how that kit will behave.  The behavior selection will select certain options automatically.  The kit can be created on the fly from this screen.