Started in 2006, Yellow Dog Software is a proven provider of inventory management systems to the hospitality and retail markets.

Yellow Dog Software is privately owned by its founder and President, has no investors, and has no debt.  This means we are free to make the right decisions every day and not the one that would be in the best interest of a board or some outside investors..

Our goal is to deliver a software system to our clients that allows them to work faster and smarter and help uncover areas of their business that need to be improved.  We believe that we are partners with each client and share the unified goal of getting you live with a complete and successful inventory system.  That partnership continues after go-live with a “no charge” policy for any training needed for the life of your Yellow Dog Inventory system.

Perhaps the best way to summarize our committed approach to our clients is with the following riddle: 

Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what's the difference between the Chicken and the Pig?
Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!

There are lots of companies that will sell you software (Chicken).
Yellow Dog Software is one that wants to provide you with a solution (Pig).

  • Started in 2006

  • Corporate Office in Norfolk, Virginia

  • Single Owner, No Investors, No Debt

  • 31 Full-time Employees, 27 work at the corporate office,

  • Development is done by our internal team - no offshore

  • Only products we have are for inventory - Focused 100%


You may have noticed that most of our team is sales GUIDE, a support GUIDE, or an implementation GUIDE. We call ourselves guides because that’s really what we do. We “guide” our clients though a selection, through an implementation, and then to a solution. At the end of the day, it is your inventory system. Our role is to guide you to reach the success you are looking to achieve. Much like climbing a mountain, you want a guide who knows the path, will help you avoid the pitfalls, and can help ensure that you get the top.


We chose the name Yellow Dog Software based on our President's, Jay Livingood, dog named Sola.  She was a yellow dog; a mutt in terms of breed.  However, Sola exhibited the qualities every dog owner desires.  She was fiercely loyal, obedient, friendly, and always wanting to work. 

These are the core values we embody as a software company.  Loyal to our clients, obedient to the needs of our users, friendly in terms of a working relationship with customers, prospects, and partners, and a strong work ethic to ensure that our clients receive the best possible inventory solution for their business needs.  There are thousands of software companies with more impressive and intimidating names.  We choose a name that represents who we are - a loyal company that exists to serve our clients.


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Hampton Roads Business


To Improve the lives of our customers by making inventory easier.


To be the de-facto inventory solution for our market segments.


  1. Make software simple and fast

  2. Never make a client feel helpless


Go Dog Go!  (Speed to client solution and resolution)

  • Lead Clients to Solutions.  Don’t try to herd cats.

  • As soon as email escalates or when in doubt – PUFP (Pick up the phone)

  • Email is a walkie-talkie, when possible - talk it out,

  • Questions should be answered in a “Yes” or a “No, but…” response.  “Let me know your thoughts” are 5 forbidden words.

  • Bad news can’t wait

  • Nothing exists or matters until it is beyond our 4-walls and into the hands of our clients

  • Activity without a solution only makes you feel good, not the client

We are relay runners, not sprinters (We run as a team)

  • We are a tribe, not a family

  • Never make an individual decision.  Always have 2 or more people involved.

  • Toot your own horn, we all need good news

  • No one person is to blame, we succeed and fail as a team

Progress, Not Perfection (Get better every day in every way)

  • Anything that takes longer than a week to accomplish is too big a scope

  • Spend 15 minutes on anything.  Spend 16 minutes on nothing. 

  • No one will teach your entire job, you will have to initiate it on your own

  • There is no try, only do now or schedule to do later

Be Defensible (Do everything to ensure our clients succeed)

  • Ball is 100% in your court or theirs – no uncertainty

  • Assume we are wrong first, not the client

  • Client issues don’t magically stop at 5pm

  • If there is not a process to follow, make one

  • Direct clients to our departments, not to one single person