Never run out of inventory with Yellow Dog! 

Yellow Dog Software offers you a complete food and beverage inventory management system that works seamlessly with the leading point of sale systems in the hospitality industry.  Whether you are a single location, a multi-store chain, or commissary operation, our system can be scaled and configured to meet you specific needs.  Please take a look at our client and mobile offerings and review all the integrations we can provide.

Also, after you have reviewed our software products, make sure you review our 3 S approach. Our caring team offers a unique approach that ensures you get the results you want out of an inventory solution.

Property Types that use Yellow Dog for F&B Inventory

Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Gaming, Hospitals, Markets, Universities, Stadiums, Airports, Corporate Campus, Amusement Parks, Performing Art Centers, Ski Resorts, Water Parks, Military Bases, Zoos, and any establishment offering food or beverage service.

Stores Types that use Yellow Dog for F&B Inventory

Restaurants, Bars, Concessions, Markets, Cafeterias, and much more.


Yellow Dog Inventory for F&B

Click below to learn more about our software system for the F&B operation. 


This is the core inventory software system provided by Yellow Dog Software.  You can use this software to create all your items, order and receive product, manage recipes, track COGS, and perform all your reporting and analysis.


You can use our mobile apps to perform physical counts, recipe lookup, requests, transfer, on-hand lookup, item properties, capture item pictures, manual adjustments, and much, much more. Click the link below to see all things you can do with a mobile device.

Integrations to Yellow Dog Inventory

You can leverage your Yellow Dog Inventory system with integrations to other key systems in your business.

POS Integrations

We have developed 1-way interfaces to the leading hospitality point of sale systems.  Easily see all the sales and the related menu items in Yellow Dog.

Sales & Catering

We also have interfaces to some of the leading sales & catering systems as well.  Click below to learn how we can work with these system.

Accounting Integrations

We have developed interfaces to dozens of accounting systems.  Click below to see how we can send invoice details to your accounting system.

Vendor Integrations

Various vendors support something called EDI - Electronic Data Interchange.  Click below to see if your vendors support this ability to receive invoices and price guides electronically.

Bar Scales

Take a look at our integration with the Free Pour scale system.

Implementation & Support Process

Yellow Dog Software has a proven process to ensure your implementation is a success. To learn more about how we implement each system, please click here.

Yellow Dog Software also works extremely hard to give our clients the support they need after go-live. Please visit our support page (click here) to see some of the services we offer every client.

Request a Demo

Please contact us here to setup a demonstration on how our system can help you control your inventory!

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