Yellow Dog Inventory offers an optional accounting export for either invoices or all inventory accounting entries that can be added to your accounting system.  

We customize the file output to meet each accounting systems requirements.  Quickbooks is the only solution that has only one definded import file.

Some of the features of this accounting integration include the following:

  • Send all invoices over to your accounting system for import to Accounts Payable

  • Send retail COGS, item adjustments, and invoices to your accounting system.

  • Send revenue, tax, and tender information to your accounting system (POS Partner Dependent).

  • Built in mapping grid lets you assign your accounting codes so the output files can be imported directly to your system without further editing.

  • File export can be adjusted to work with any accounting system.

  • Files can be generated on any desired schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) and placed in a directory location of your choice.

Some of the accounting software we have worked with include:

  • Accpac

  • Aptech

  • Banner

  • Cisbox

  • Clubessential

  • Dataplus

  • Endeavor Great Plains

  • Infinium

  • Intacct

  • IntegraSys DSD Manager

  • Jonas

  • M3

  • MS Dynamics A/X

  • MS Dynamics Great Plains

  • MS Dynamics Navision

  • MS Dynamics Solomon

  • Nexus

  • NetSuites

  • Northstar

  • Nuvision

  • Oracle RX12

  • People Soft

  • Profit View

  • Quickbooks Desktop

  • Quickbooks Online

  • Sage MAS 100

  • Sage MAS 200

  • Sage MAS 300

  • Sage MAS 500

  • Sage Timberline

  • Sage X3

  • SAP

  • Unit 4

Click here to see a complete overview of our accounting interface process.

If you don’t see your accounting software listed, please contact us to see if an integration is possible.  We will need to review what the import formats are for invoices as well as general journal entries.  Once we have that, we can confirm our compatibility within a few days.  Most system support a csv format and we can easily customize the file layout to match each accounting system's requirements.  Development of initial files for testing usually takes 30 to 60 days from the date of contract acceptance.

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