Enhanced Inventory

Management with Appetize

Yellow Dog Inventory has developed a robust integration to handle both F&B and Retail Inventory Management with the Appetize Point of Sale System. 

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“We were looking for our next generation point of sale and inventory management solution, and we selected Appetize for the front end and Yellow Dog Inventory for the back end. We are very happy with the decision, and I’d recommend this solution for any organization running a large stadium with additional properties, as well.” - John S. Moncke, Executive Vice President, Stadium and Brand Revenue, SPORTING KANSAS CITY

Supported Integrations:

2-Way Integration - Retail


Yellow Dog Inventory is a complete back office inventory management system for any level of retail operation.  Our system compliments the Appetize system by offering all the detailed ordering processes, reporting, and bar coding needs a retailer may need. 

Some of the key features of our inventory system include:

  • Pull Sales from Appetize every 15 minutes

  • Automatically add/update Items on a user defined schedule

  • Multi-store/Multi-Property management

  • Complete Purchasing Workflow (Requests, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices, Transfers, Return to Vendors)

  • Complete Replenishment System

  • Fully Customizable Bar Code Printing

  • Physical Inventory Process with Mobile Counting Apps and Bar Code Scanning Handheld Devices

  • Over 300 Reports with Automatic Email Delivery

  • Item Types include individual, matrix, kits, parent/child, and weighted

1-Way Integration - F&B


Yellow Dog Inventory is a full featured F&B inventory management system to handle a wide range of operations.  Our system compliments the Appetize system by offering all recipe management, physical inventory, and food costing analysis an F&B operation may require. 

Some of the key features of our inventory system include:

  • Pull Sales from Appetize every 15 minutes

  • Easy COGS Reporting Matching Revenue to Usage

  • Recipes, Batch Recipes, and Production Recipes Supported

  • Commissary Workflows of Requests to Production to Transfers

  • Physical Inventory Process with Mobile Counting Apps, Sheet to Shelf Item Order, and Handheld Devices

  • Over 4,000 Vendor Invoice EDI Integrations Supported

  • Invoice Export to Quickbooks and dozens of other leading accounting systems

  • Detailed Waste Tracking

  • Optional Detailed Actual vs Theoretical Reporting

Why Do I Need Yellow Dog Inventory?

Appetize already has some built in inventory capabilities.  Why would I need Yellow Dog Inventory?

Good question.  We have found that certain inventory needs are beyond the core capabilities of Appetize.  To help you determine if you are a candidate for Yellow Dog Inventory, click here.

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