Yellow Dog Inventory offers several interfaces to leading eCommerce systems to help with your online business. Based on the web shopping cart, some of the abilities include:

  • Item Uploads: Allows you to automatically send new or changed item information directly to your web cart. Yellow Dog Inventory can capture item details, photos, and special web pricing and send that automatically to your web cart on a frequency of your choosing.

  • Order Downloads: We can download your web shopping cart orders, reduce your inventory, and update your sales reporting.

  • On-Hand Quantities: Some clients want to manage the content of their items just in the web cart, but need to have the on-hand updated frequently to avoid out of stock issues.

Some of our existing integrations include:


Click below to learn more about each e-commerce system:

If you don’t see your web shopping cart listed, please contact us to see if an integration is possible.

In addition to the normal retail inventory functionality, Yellow Dog has added specific web property fields that we can store and send to various eCommerce systems.

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Specific web descriptions and html formatting allows total flexibility on your eCommerce presentation.

We can send any of the item pictures to the eCommerce system as well.

Items are automatically assigned to the respective eCommerce product types and groups. 

Creating and updating your full featured item presentation is an automatic and scheduled process.

To visit our Shopify demo store, please click here.

Also, our Yellow Dog Store running on Shopify receives all of it's content from Yellow Dog Inventory.  

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